How Do I Get A Six Pack?

A client asked me this recently. Sadly, despite the promises on those ads you see, you can’t craft a six pack in six days…

What does it take?

Well the answer might surprise you…

It’s not thousands of sit ups.

It’s about getting your overall body fat low.

So we’re talking fat burning training and most importantly, spot on nutrition. Abs are made in the kitchen.

Here’s the big question.

Do you really want a six pack?

I ask because apart from a few genetically gifted individuals, for midlifers to get it is going to involve big sacrifices, low energy, and a lot of restriction, and well, misery.

Generally men need to get to below around 10% body fat for the abs to start to show. The lower the body fat, the more defined BUT low fat levels interfere with hormone production, specifically testosterone…

For most midlife men, to get that low is going to involve a pretty strict dietary regime, no booze… and, I know how will your face and the rest of your body look down at sub 10%?

I’ve done it, I looked terrible! It was miserable to maintain it.

So, yes, it’s a great goal to go for, but think about whether you really really want, or if you’re happier living with a little more balance in your life and still looking great.

Find what I call your “happiness window” of body fat percentage. The range you feel good, look good, are energised and can still have beers at the weekend.

If you’d like to find your happiness window get in touch.

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