Guys – How Do You Stack Up?

I’m not a big fan of comparison, but benchmarking every now and then can be useful to see whether we’re doing a good job, or if we should be doing better.

I stumbled on an old US Men’s Health the other day, and they had a page of stats about the average US male (sounds like an Elvis song!).

To be fair, I think they got some of these stats from gyms, as they’re a little better than I’d expect, and it looked like it was a few years back, but still…

These ones aren’t adjusted for age:
– Can manage 1 pull up
– Gains 1.1lb of fat each year
– 12:17 minutes to run a mile
– Loses 1lb of muscle each year
– 17.6% body fat

Depressingly as we age (if we do nothing) that rate of muscle loss increases, along with the fat gain. The good news is you can do something about it.

Let’s look at some age stats…
– In your 20s you can crank out 40 sit ups in 1 minute dropping to 26 by your 50s
– Push ups drop from 33 in 1 minute in your 20s to just 15 in a minute by your 50s.

Why not grab a timer and see how you do?

So where do you sit on the scale?

Where would you like to sit?

I know what’s possible for midlife guys to achieve, and the guys I coach smash these out the park.

So do you want to be average? Or do you want to be something better? It’s totally achievable.

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