The Joy Of Giving

I realised that I’ve written five articles for five different publications this month, some of them I never get to see (different countries, miss the issue, etc) so why bother?

It’s because I enjoy it, and its because I know that the information I’m writing about may help someone.

I guess it’s a form of giving. I give my time and knowledge, and it feels good for me to do that, hopefully someone, somewhere feels good reading it, has an “a-ah” moment or is spurred to take positive action.

So actually its purely selfish but the paradox is it (hopefully) helps others too.
Numerous studies show that when we give without an ulterior motive beneficial to ourselves, then we ourselves experience numerous benefits in terms of feeling connected, of purpose, and generally more positive about life.

We can get hung up on giving, but actually there are lots of ways we can do it.
We’ve just planned 3 months worth of free midlife health and happiness workshops we’ll be rolling out between now and July, stay posted for updates on those.

In the meantime… how could you start giving to touch someone else’s life?

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