Are We Personal Trainers? Yes… And No

What do I mean, “Yes and No”?!

Well, of course WE ARE personal trainers. Between us we’ve trained thousands of clients.

BUT we also have qualifications including Hormone Specialist, Menopause Practitioner, Stress Management Coach, Mastercoach, Personality Profiler, NLP Practitioner, Masters in Applied Psychology…

Things that combined not only take years to achieve, but also take experience and skill in knowing how to apply effectively.

That’s why the “No” because we do soooo much more and why clients say things like this:

“You’ve demonstrated that you understand me and that it’s been OK to be me, warts and all. It seems crackers that I’ve had the achievements I’ve had in my life, and lived to the age I am, and still be fearful of being myself fully and authentically.”

“I’m learning new ways to be gently but firmly assertive about my own needs and learning to identify and acknowledge my feelings.”

“I keep reminding myself that I can trust myself to make healthy choices most of the time, and recognise that it’s OK to throw caution to the wind occasionally, but that ‘what happens next is what matters. I feel like I have the tools to move ahead in the way I want to go.”

“You are right about the fact that reaching your goals is 80% in your head. I know you don’t need me to tell you that, but I didn’t understand it properly until I trusted the process you have guided me through.”

“I am so much fitter now and feel stronger and younger. Family members tell me what I know myself – that my body shape has changed. I will definitely carry on with the pattern of exercise you have helped me establish as a habit. In the past, I loathed exercise in the morning and avoided it but I now understand the benefits and the results of ‘persistency’!”

Exercise and nutrition is actually the smallest part of what we do. It’s the mindset coaching, understanding the hormonal and physiological changes at midlife, and how lifestyle factors impact them, the habits, the psychology that shifts clients beliefs in what they can achieve, so they are set up for the long term, not a quick fix.

Success is 20% mechanics, 80% psychology, that’s what we deliver 🙂

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