Why Can’t I Lose Weight

It can be frustrating when you think you’re doing everything right to lose weight but the scales are still not moving. Here are some common reasons you might be stuck:

Still being in a calorie surplus. You might think your diet is on point but a lot of people underestimate the impact of snacks, and drinks, particularly alcohol and things like lattes.

Not moving the body enough. Many people are moving less due to lockdown so are expending less calories than they did previously.

Skipping meals. The odd missed meal here and there isn’t going to have a big impact. Where it usually does is the over-compensation that takes places with snacking or at the next meal.

Age. As we age hormonal changes mean our metabolism slows (unless we do things to prevent this), meaning we’re burning less calories, but often our eating habits stay the same. We also become more insulin resistant meaning we’re less able to process carbohydrate food as energy effectively. Weight training is a great way to offset these changes.

Poor gut flora. Our gut is know as our second brain and not only does our gut biome influence our mood and emotions, but it can affect our metabolism and potential for storing body fat as well. Eat plenty of natural fibre and pre and pro biotic food sources.

Stress. When we’re stressed we produce more of the hormone cortisol. One effect of consistently raised cortisol is an increased tendency to hold on to body fat, particularly in the abdomen, hips and thighs. Make sure you’re managing your stress effectively.

These are exactly the problems we solve for our clients so that they can shed the belly fat, take back control of their lives and feel confident looking in the mirror again – without making big sacrifices.

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