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A couple of weeks back I published a post on a study physical fitness to lower instances of erectile disfunction in middle aged men (the fittest subjects had a 10x improvement over sedentary subjects). I also mentioned research that had linked higher levels of physical fitness in women with increase arousal and satisfaction.

Well now researchers at the University of Florence have gone one better. They looked at the role of physical activity in sexual arousal and dysfunction in a cohort of 322 pre and post menopausal women.

The results showed that the more sedentary women (doing less than one hour a week of activity a week) had high levels of sexual dysfunction.

However, before you race to the gym… they also found that those doing more than six hours a week reported worse sex lives, including a lack of interest, lower arousal and failure to orgasm.

The lesson here is something we drill into our programme, less is more.

At midlife you don’t need to be spending hours in the gym to get the results you want, and nor should you. Recovery is vitally important to get those results, and by the looks of things, to boost your libido!

The good news is that the study found a sweet spot – those averaging four to six hours weekly – or 35 to 50 minutes a day – had the best chance of being sexually fulfilled.

Pretty much bang in the area we work with our clients on. Short HIIT sessions and slightly longer resistance training but still well under an hour a few times a week.

What’s fascinating is that the researchers hypothesised that it wasn’t fitness per se that led to the libido boost, but rather the psychological boost of being more self-confident with their body.

Big confidence boosts are something all our clients report, and this tends to play out in all areas of our lives. When we’re more confident we’ll go for more and achieve more.

We’ve had clients get new roles, start new careers, totally revitalise their lives. If you’d like to know more, then get in touch.

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