Do I Have Bad Days?

I was asked this the other day (thanks Dick!), and the answer is, in short yes.

Of course I do. We all do.

In fact I struggle with something very odd.

Major things that go wrong I seem to be able to handle in almost a ‘crisis auto-pilot mode’ and deal with pretty effectively most of the time.

It’s the small stuff that throws me off.

I can get totally stressed about being a few minutes late, a small unexpected bill, that I’ve got to get to the supermarket to get something for dinner but I don’t know when…

See, small stuff. It drives me mad (drives Claire mad too).

What I’ve already learnt to do (with varying degrees of success) is to reframe. To step back and ask myself if it’s really important.

If in a month from now I’ll still be concerned about it (answer, no).

Bringing this perspective to it let’s me see that these things are inconsequential, and not worth the energy of worry.

That’s when I’m already in the crisis state though, and I want to learn to head it off earlier.
So what I’m learning to do is recognise my triggers, and dive into the beliefs that are behind them, so that I can address and change them.

This is how I know I can achieve long term change, by shifting my beliefs (as we do with our clients). It’s not always easy, but in the long run, always worthwhile.

Always remember (something I remind myself all the time), that you choose your reaction.
So when I am having a bad day, I’ll consciously look for the positives, and reframe my response.

It’s only a bad day if I choose it to be. What would I like it to be? What can I learn from it?
I hope that helps…

Right, I’m off to record the great podcast Claire and I thought we’d recorded yesterday, only to find the tech had failed.

What did we do? Got annoyed for a moment then put some happy music and acknowledged that we’d had a rehearsal and that today’s recording would be even better.

Have a great day all.

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