Lessons From Boxing

I had another boxing class last night and I loved it. But…

When you’re learning something new, remember you are learning and give yourself a break.

I’m only two weeks in but my expectation that I’ve set myself is that I should be a lot better than I am – and how many times has that happened to you? Particularly in midlife…

As we’re older, and see ourselves as competent, it can be really uncomfortable to pick up new skills, to be a learner again, to feel vulnerable.

I’m used to being good at physical things, it’s what I do. However catching jabs, slipping jabs, straight rights, rolling into hooks…

I’m getting it wrong. A lot. And it’s physically uncomfortable when you get hit, as well as psychologically.

It would be easy to focus on what’s going wrong.

I see so many people talk themselves out of ever getting started, or get started and quit when it gets a bit uncomfortable.

You can’t be comfortable and in growth, so which do you want?

Remember, we all start somewhere, even the expert was a beginner once. There is no shame in being a learner again, in fact, it can be quite fun.

Don’t let your discomfort talk you out of making changes.

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