Lessons From Boxing

Yesterday evening I was part of a small group running a 7km fartlek. For those of you that don’t know fartlek is where you run at different paces but without rest.

Now, I run 5 to 6km once a week, but at my own steady pace.

When I heard we were doing:

a) 7km (longer than I’m used to)

b) a group run, so I wouldn’t be in control of my pace and…

c) a fartlek – unpredictable and even less control over my pace – my heart dropped.

You know what? It was hard, but I really, really enjoyed it.

I was outside my comfort zone, and it felt good, because here’s the thing, staying in your comfort zone feels good because it’s safe.

That usual once a week 5km run is do-able, but safe. It’s not stretching me.

So what lessons did I draw from this?

Well, that it’s good to stretch yourself, that it feels good, that it gives you a sense of accomplishment.

I also learnt that it’s good to have someone else to push me, to take me out of my comfort zone.

You’re capable of more than you think you are, but sometimes it takes someone else to show you.

So if you’re not stretching yourself, who can you team up with for that extra push to take you just past the edge of your current comfort envelope?

I’d love to read your responses below :-

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