The Power Of Asking

Like many of you I’m sure, I have a problem asking for things. Call it politeness, call it shyness, call it whatever, but many of us get a funny feeling in our tummy when we think about asking for something.

Well, we shouldn’t. Remember the saying if you don’t ask you don’t get?

For a while Claire and I have been wanting to reach a bigger audience with our podcast. It’s growing steadily and surely (thank you listeners!), but we really want to make an impact.

So, we had the idea of reaching out to other podcasts with a similar audience and seeing if we could guest on them.

I have to be honest. I took the action to deal with it and I sat on it a while. It just felt a bit icky, a bit pushy…

Then, I challenged myself on my thinking. People love our podcast, we get messages all the time about how it’s helped someone, so actually, getting it out to a wider audience is a good thing, as more people can benefit.

Also, those podcast hosts and are probably looking for guests as coming up with topics all the time can be challenging.

So, I put my fear of rejection to one side (this is a big reason we don’t ask for things) and started contacting people.

I laid out who we are, why we do what we do, why we’d be a good fit for the show, what we’d talk about, and why that was great for them, for us, and for the listeners. By demonstrating the mutual benefit I hoped to get a positive response (tip – this is the way to ask for things, because you always have something to offer too).

Naturally some said no, some didn’t reply BUT, a load said yes!

Win one.

Here’s the mad thing though. Not only did people I’d contacted come back to me, but people I hadn’t contacted started reaching out to me asking if we’d like to guest on their shows…

Just be putting that energy out there, attracted more of the same. This is why the concept of Energetic Action can be so powerful, it demonstrates our intention and creates momentum.

I’ll be explaining Energetic Action in detail in my Rise challenge group tomorrow. If you’re not in that, then stay tuned, because we’ve been inspired to record a podcast on it too 🙂

So, if there’s something you’d like in your life right now, why not just ask?

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