We Need To Talk About This…

Today I’m running a free workshop on a really important subject.

A subject that will resonate very deeply with men. Because this workshop is about the Andropause (the male menopause).

Ladies before you (perhaps) feel like rolling your eyes…

Of course – our experiences at midlife are very different. It comes with a whole host of issues as our hormones change.

BUT…Male mental health and wellbeing still isn’t talked about openly enough. We can see this from the alarming stats on male suicide.

And here’s the truth…Midlife men (as well as us midlife women) also suffer with depression, low self esteem, loss in body confidence, insomnia and weight gain.

Plus they have erectile dysfunction and loss of libido to deal with…

We joke about them reaching the ‘midlife crisis’ – but actually midlife can also be a very unsettling time for men – due to their changing hormones.

And yet – unlike the perimenopause and menopause – no one is really talking to men about the Andropause.

Until now…

I’ll cover:

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