For yourself?

That might sound like an odd question, but if you think on it for a moment and are honest with yourself, well, are you?

It can be hard in our 40s and 50s to keep on top of everything…

Are you really on top of your health? Do you love what you see in the mirror? Do you bound of bed with energy each morning? Look forward to activities at the weekend? Feel that life is fun and full of opportunities?

Or are you keeping on top of your career (just), but permanently knackered? Stressed? Your home life and relationship suffering? Dreading the alarm each morning? Looking forward to the weekend to drown your sorrows and rest?

If it’s the former, well done!

If it’s the latter, you’re not taking responsibility for where you are, or for looking after yourself.

I get it. It’s hard. You’ve convinced yourself other things like work are most important BUT focusing time on you doesn’t mean your work has to suffer – it’s not a binary either/or.

What happens when you burn out? When you can’t face getting out of bed? When your partner shouts at you one more time because of your inaction?

Here’s the truth, you can take charge of all these things and balance out the other parts of your life.

You may need support to do it, and that’s okay too – we all need help – I work with multiple coaches for growth in the areas I want.

If you’d love more energy at home and at work, and understand what balance feels like and being able to maintain it, all while still enjoying the things you love and getting in great physical and mental shape, then reach out.

Our approach isn’t all about losing weight and building fitness – it does that, but it’s more about shifting your mindset, behaviour change, habit shift and lifestyle changes.

That’s how long term results are locked in.

If you’re ready, reach out.


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