Want to lift your mood, have more energy, lower your blood pressure and stress levels? Not to mention look better too?

The good news is that you can, simply by working on your mindset and moving your body.

A Harvard study found that optimists had a 22% chance of lower blood pressure, with a review of clinical trials found that weight training curbs the symptoms of depression.

Of course in your 40s and 50s balancing out your time demands with exercise and time to focus on your belief change can be tricky, but not impossible, as our clients will attest.

Investing the time in yourself (and it can be a short amount of time each day) will pay huge dividends in how you look, feel, act and show up in life.

It’s a question of giving yourself permission to do it, prioritising it, and planning effectively so it fits into your lifestyle.

Once you’re up and running it gets easier and easier and you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it earlier.

More energy, more confidence, looking the way you want to look, it’s all there, you just need to claim it.


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