Is you, or more specifically, your beliefs. Now, that’s not necessarily your fault, our beliefs are generally formed at an early age by outside influences (normally care givers) but they can be extremely persistent.

Which is great if you have beliefs aligned with your goal, not so great if you heard things like, “life is hard… money doesn’t grow on trees…” or if food was given as a token of love (a treat equals comfort), or your role models didn’t exercise…

These beliefs can be deeply embedded, especially by the time we’re in our 40s and 50s, and some we’re aware of, others we might not be until we go for a goal we feel we should be capable of achieving but keep derailing.

If you equate food with love, then dieting as a way of losing weight will be tough to succeed at, as your effectively depriving yourself of love, and who want’s to do that?

If you think rich people are greedy, and that greed is bad, you’ll never be rich, as your mind will protect you from the bad thing – greed.

If you believe exercise isn’t for you, then you’ll find it hard to do.

What’s important to note is that while we are a bundle of our beliefs, those beliefs are NOT fixed. We can change them.

And when we change them we can step into a new reality that serves us and what we want to achieve.

Now, it’s easier said than done BUT belief change is possible and we are all capable of massive change AND it doesn’t have to take ages (see that, another belief – change is hard and takes a long time…)

What you need is a toolkit, a way of understanding how your beliefs and behaviour align, the role of your sub-conscious in protecting those old beliefs, and how you hack all of that for lasting change.

Once you do that, life becomes easier and you get what you want, as you’re living aligned with beliefs you’ve actually chosen to support the life you want to lead.

This is what we coach our clients on and we’ll be giving a crash course in it this Saturday morning on our virtual mini-retreat, so if you fancy learning more, sign up and we’ll see you there:



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