Be honest, do you ever tell yourself that you’ll get started on Monday…

But then you don’t?

I’ve been there myself, Monday “seems” like a good day to get started – after all it’s the start of the week, but actually, to your sub-conscious, more importantly, it’s not today.

The best time to start was yesterday, the next best time is today.

Putting off to Monday, or after the holiday, or when you “feel” motivated…

They all add up to the same thing, procrastination.

And I get it. It’s scary going for growth and we’ll look for reasons, however tenuous, to stay in the safe and familiar.

Only we’re never standing still.

That change to your eating you keep putting off? It’s meaning more weight’s going and it’s putting you back, not keeping you in the same place.

Deciding you’ll start the workouts next week. Your body is getting weaker.

Thinking to yourself that you’ll get down to working on your mindset after your holiday – you’re letting bad habits embed deeper.

If you’re not moving forward you’re actually going backwards.

No more excuses.

If you can get started on something positive now, no matter how small, then do it.

Once you start you’ll find that you can make progress with less sacrifices than you think.

Which means you can enjoy tomorrow. Enjoy the weekend, but assured you’re still making progress.

You get to create your tomorrows, do you want them to be the same as today?

Commit NOW to making the change.

Your future self with thank you for it.


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