It’s that time of the week when we can breathe a sigh of relief that it’s hump day, half the week is done and the weekend is looming, but…

Should we look at it like this? It tends to suggest you’re living for the weekend, and who wants to live for 2 days out of 5?

Yes we all need to work, but we should feel at least satisfaction from what we do. Enjoying it is a bonus and I’m lucky that I love my work.

Here’s the thing, when we delay our gratification (waiting for the weekend) instead of choosing to be happy now, we’re putting conditions on our happiness and constricting it.

That then tends to map out into the rest of our life…

I’ll be happy when… you tell yourself.

When I buy that new car.

When I go on holiday.

When I’ve done the work to love what I see in the mirror.

But when we do that:

we’re not living in the moment and appreciating life
it’s all too easy to keep putting things off

So what could you do today to make hump day happy and really start living your life?

What are you putting off that you could do?

Time passes anyway. Use it wisely.


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