In my clients’ own words…

“I’ve worked with James for a few months now, lost 16lbs, added lean muscle and found a daily exercise routine that will improve my longevity without impinging on my normal schedule… he is the perfect coach for someone middle aged who needs to make quite dramatic changes… I massively recommend him.”

“Weight 6kg lost, 4 inches lost from waist, 6% body fat lost…”

“Aside from the physical aspects my self-belief and confidence has increased massively.”

“The results I achieved were amazing, weight loss, fat loss, muscle gain to name a few. However the mental and emotional results are the ones that have shaped me for a much brighter, positive future. I am now more confident, less anxious and have found self-belief.”

“I can totally recommend this course for changing your body to a better version of you and creating good and healthy habits.”

“When I started working with James I had completely stopped regular exercise due to chronic fatigue. We rebuilt my strength and stamina, and it gave me the knowledge and accountability I needed for a strong recovery. I now have baits will will set me up to stay well and keep up a busy life in my late 50s.”

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