Most of us have a sluggish metabolism thanks to a combination of lifestyle factors, age related hormonal changes and poor diet choices, but what can we do about it?

If you’d like to drop body fat, have more energy, and start to feel great, then follow these tips:

Be aware of the hormonal changes (not just testosterone), the portfolio effect of these and have strategies for working in line with them

As we age we lose muscle which is metabolically active, so start regular resistance training to preserve or build muscle and boost your metabolic rate

Incorporate short HIIT sessions into your week to create an oxygen debt and boost metabolic rate

Clean up your diet – ditch processed foods and sugars in favour of a more natural, nutritionally dense approach (more protein)

Don’t neglect non-exercise calorie burn from movement – aim to walk at least 20 minutes every day

Drink more water (2 litres at least) and cut out other soft drinks

Learn to manage stress as it amplifies the negative effects of other hormonal changes, impacts your gut health and your metabolism

These should get you started, stick with it for 2 weeks and see the difference you feel.

If you’d like to fast track this and get in-depth with strategies to follow that get results without you having to make big sacrifices, then join our live 21 Day Optimising Hormones & Resetting Your Metabolism Programme which kicks off on Monday 27th.

We’ll have 2 live coaching sessions a week (replays sent out if you miss them), a workout plan, nutrition guide and loads more to give you the tools you need for results now and over the long term.



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