Mistakes Your Probably Making When It Comes To Fat Loss

Number One – getting your exercise wrong…

In my experience this falls into one of three camps:

1) Not doing enough of the right kind of exercise to get results (or any at all)

2) Just doing cardio and neglecting resistance training

3) Overtraining in an effort to get those elusive results but actually going backwards

The solution is mix up short bursts of HIIT two to three times a week for 15 to 20 minutes max to improve your overall cardiovascular fitness and endurance, and to spike your metabolism.

Along with two sessions of full body resistance training (can be at home with bodyweight or simple kit or in the gym) that last between 20 to 40 minutes, to help maintain muscle mass, strength, elicit a positive hormonal response, and boost metabolism through increased muscle.

Make sure you have adequate recovery.

Number Two – getting your nutrition wrong…

Your physiology and hormones have changed from your 20s so sadly you can’t get away with eating whatever you want, even if you have a great exercise routine. Typical mistakes I see are:

– Too much processed food and sugar (even if you’re working to a calorie target)

– Too many heavy carbs late in the day

– Not enough protein in the diet

– Sometimes it goes the other way and in an effort to lose the fat you may simply not be eating enough for your activity levels, causing stress, cortisol release and slowing your results.

The solution is to move to a natural whole food diet, rich in protein, with carbs loaded in the first half of the day, and minimising (not cutting all together as life is also about enjoyment) processed foods and sugar.

Know your portion sizes and go to snacks, all things I coach my clients on to making eating easy and to ensure results.

Number Three – not addressing stress/mindset…

Stress is debilitating but likely you’ve learned to live with it so aren’t recognising what it’s doing to your body and mind. Similarly shifting hormone levels are affecting your thoughts and emotions – to really get results you need to align your body and mind.

Stress will actually encourage our bodies to hold onto fat, and sometimes the training we add into our life exacerbates the problem if we aren’t introducing it properly AND taking steps to reduce our stress levels.

The solution is to look at where you energy is currently going versus where you would ideally like it to be going. Then you can align with your goals. Alongside that start recognising your stress triggers and take active steps to either remove them or shift your reaction to lessen your stress.

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