The Danger Of Operating from Ego

There are lots of reasons we don’t take action in the direction of our goals…

One of the most pernicious and hardest to overcome is that of ego…

Also known as… “I already know how to do that…”

I’ve been guilty of this myself at times, and I recognise now that it did hold me back or delay my goals.

Sometimes we dress ego up as something else…

Sometimes we fear being seen as weak if we need help – this is a sure fire sign it’s your ego talking!

Sometimes we don’t have all the pieces…

Sometimes we have all the pieces but don’t know how to slot them together…

Sometimes it’s a combination of the two…

Once we can actually acknowledge that we are stuck and the results aren’t coming it frees us to move forward.

Sadly this often happens later than it should – time is finite so why are you wasting it by letting your ego hold you back?

5 Signs Your Ego Is Holding You Back

You’ve convinced yourself you can get your goal with the tools and knowledge you have – even though you’re seeing no progress despite having being going at it a while

You’re unwilling to ask for help in case it makes you seem weak

You’ve become risk adverse – you don’t want to appear foolish trying new things

Even though you tell yourself you can do it alone, in reality your belief in yourself has gone

You compare to make yourself feel less bad – bolstering the ego – even though you are not where you want to be

5 Steps To Take

Get real with yourself – are you getting closer to your goal or not

Look around for people that are achieving what you want and reach out for help (this is NOT comparing – this is looking for those that ARE achieving and reaching out)

Start to practice taking small risks without passing judgment on yourself

Identify and work on your limiting beliefs

Drop comparison in favour of honesty of benchmarking your own progress against who you want to be NOT against anyone else

Final Word

Don’t let your ego “protect” you by holding you back. If you could achieve what you wanted and already have everything in place wouldn’t you have achieved it.

Be honest with yourself and reach out for help so that you can make progress in the direction of your dreams.