The Season Is Changing… Time To Step It Up!

It’s September and I could not be more excited! I love this time of year, when I can reflect on progress and see where I need to raise my game to hit those year end goals I set back in January.

There are 4 months left which is more than enough time to make a big impact, so I’d encourage you to see where you are against the promises you made yourself in January…

We’re onboarding a load of wonderful clients to our Midlife Method programme, we’ve got some great podcast guests coming up, we’re working on some corporate projects, we’re setting some new business goals, oh, and deciding where to live next…

Plus lots of other admin things that far from being boring are actually going to positively impact our lives and those of our clients, so a lot to look forward to, and to work for as we head into the tail end of 2023.

So few of us stop to really consider where we are against what we want to achieve. Sure we kind of look at it January and maybe set some resolutions, but if you want real growth in any area of your life, start to do this at regular points in the year.

After all, if you’re not keeping a scoreboard, how do you know how you’re doing?

It’s amazing that we often fail to keep track of the things that are most important to us: our relationships, personal growth, health, emotional growth, or that we have vague goals that we then fail to track and be accountable to.

The change in seasons is a great opportunity to do this, if you want support on it, then reach out.