You Might Need To Hear This…

Recently I’ve been privileged to have spoken to a lot of people in quick succession, and one of the questions that comes up again and again is…

“Why do you do what you do and how did you start?”

The reason you might need to hear the answer is because I want to let you know right now that what you see now – the awards, the travel, the press, the client success stories, didn’t come easy.

I don’t say that to discourage you, I say it to inspire you, because if I can do it, you can do it.

So, here’s why I do it… The general reason is that I saw too many of my friends hit middle age and shrug and just accept that this was it.

That they’d settled for where they were at career wise, success wise, relationship wise, health wise.

They expected that an ever expanding waist line, low energy, low motivation, low libido was just how it was.

And that made me angry and frustrated, because I knew different.

I knew because there was also a personal reason.

Not only was I living a different story I’d also just had to overcome an unexpected and devastating divorce that left my self-belief and confidence on the floor.

For a while I ended up so lost and so low that I couldn’t see a way forward to a better life.

I actually thought, “This is it, the highs of my life are behind me, I’ve only got suffering ahead.”

But, deep down, I wasn’t willing to accept that. So I knew I had to do the work, however hard. I took small steps.

I enrolled on courses. I worked with mentors, and coaches, I invested in my growth.

I kept that spark of belief… the belief in me…

That belief led me into a wonderful new relationship (something I hadn’t thought was possible), and ultimately into a new business, doing what I do now, which is helping other midlifers realise that there is more.

That you don’t have to settle.

That there is plenty left in the tank.

That this phase of your life can be the best phase and that you can go on to accomplish way more than you thought.

I’m not going to sugar coat it though.

You need the tools, you need to apply them, you need discipline, you need to be held accountable….

But you can do it, and the rewards will make all that work seem like a walk in the park.

So I just want to say, whatever you’re going through now, however dark the night…

Know there is a dawn, and the next day can be even better than the last.