How Your Environment Can Impact Your Goals

How Your Environment Can Impact Your Goals

We’ve all heard the saying, “You are the company you keep.” And, when it comes to achieving our goals, this couldn’t be more true.

Our environment plays a huge role in shaping our behaviours and attitudes, and can have a profound impact on our ability to succeed.

After a couple of months of training in an empty gym with average equipment in Ibiza, we’re back in a huge gym with state of the art kit, and filled with people in peak condition.

A gym is a gym right? It shouldn’t matter, but it does. Both Claire and I feel more energised, more inspired to train hard, more motivated to level up being in that environment.

On another level we’re in there enough to see people we know, so it matters that we’ve progressed, that in itself is a motivator.

The gym is only a metaphor for any level of success you want in life.

Just like being in a gym surrounded by fit and motivated individuals can inspire us to stay on track with our fitness goals, being surrounded by successful people in any area of our life can inspire and motivate us to reach our own goals.

Seeing others working hard and achieving success can be a powerful reminder that we too can reach our own goals if we put in the effort.

Additionally, being in an environment where success is valued and celebrated helps keep us accountable.

Psychology says that when we know people are watching we’ll perform better than if we’re alone, so why not use that? Get comfortable with knowing you’re being observed, because that knowledge will spur your growth.

Being around successful people can give us resources such as access to their knowledge, skills and networks, which can be incredibly helpful, especially for those who are new to a particular field and may not know where to start.

That’s why we invest in coaches and mentors, so we keep learning and levelling up.

That’s why our clients stay in our world even once they’ve gone through our training, because they’re in a container of positivity and knowledge that keeps them driving towards their goals.

Our environment matters. It impacts on our ability to achieve our goals. By surrounding ourselves with people who are successful, we can tap into their positive energy and drive, and use it to fuel our own journey.

Is your environment supporting you?