Research Backs Our Approach Again…

One of the “secrets” that gets our clients results is adjusting eating without dieting, in a way that gets fat loss results.

I won’t give it all away here but we have a methodology that’s based around upping protein, lowering sugars, front loading calories and carbs in the day, cutting back on processed food and eating your evening meal as early as possible.

That’s combined with a structured training plan that includes fasted HIIT in the morning, amongst other things.

You know what?

Our clients find is easy to adapt to AND it not only gets them great physical results in terms of fat loss, but provides them a blueprint to manage their body fat levels effectively for life.

It also has a number of positive hormonal effects, crucial at midlife.

Now a new study in Cell Metabolism has shown that a time limited eating approach, combined with fasted HIIT, upping protein, lowering sugar, cutting back on processed foods, gets the same excellent results.

Clients on the trial lost half a stone in seven weeks, saw improvement in blood sugar levels and lost significant amounts of visceral fat.

Pretty typical of the kind of results our clients get on The Midlife Method, where we see drops in waist circumference of between 8 to 18cm, weight loss of half to just over a stone, big drops in body fat, increase in muscle…. all without dieting or long workouts.

If you’re fed up of other approaches that have let you down and it’s time for you to see real results and reclaim your energy, confidence and power, then get in touch.

Study: Haganes et al., 2022, Cell Metabolism 34, 1457–1477