The Top 5 Exercise Mistakes Midlifers Make

Exercise is good for us, but it’s easy to get it wrong. Let’s look at the top 5 exercise mistakes for midlifers and discover how to overcome them. ????️‍♀️????‍♂️

Mistake: Too Much Cardiovascular Exercise

Hours on the treadmill is not only boring, but it isn’t going to change your body shape and with the stress you put on the body, can spike cortisol meaning you end up working agaisnt the very thing you’re trying to achieve.

While cardio has its benefits, relying solely on this type of exercise can limit overall fitness gains.

Aim for a balanced combination of short cardio, strength training, and flexibility exercises to enhance overall fitness and body composition.

Mistake: Neglecting Resistance Training

We’re naturally losing muscle mass as we age so we want to prevent that by resistance training. This type of training supports joint stability and bone health as well as building lean muscle, and muscle is metabolically active, so not only are we stronger. we’re burning more calories.

Mistake: Not Doing Anything At All

One of the most significant exercise mistakes midlifers make is not doing anything at all. Leading a sedentary lifestyle can have detrimental effects on overall health and well-being. It’s important to incorporate regular physical activity into your daily routine, even if it’s just taking short walks, gardening, or engaging in household chores.

Mistake: Lack of Variety and Progression

We want to be looking for progession when we train so that we get results. Our bodies adapt to exercise over time, and to continue seeing improvements, it’s crucial to challenge ourselves and introduce new stimuli. Vary your workouts by trying different forms of exercise, such as swimming, yoga, or HIIT workouts.

Gradually increase the intensity, duration, or weight used in your exercises to promote ongoing progress. This approach keeps your workouts engaging, prevents plateaus, and promotes continuous growth.

Mistake: Neglecting Warm-up and Recovery

Midlifers often overlook the importance of proper warm-up and recovery, which can lead to injuries and hinder progress.

Warm-up exercises prepare your body for the upcoming workout by increasing blood flow, loosening muscles, and enhancing flexibility. We also need more recovery so factor in adequate rest and recovery days to allow your body to repair and rebuild.

There is a science to this and knowing it gets you results faster, with less effort and using up less time. This is how we train our clients to get such amazing results with short workout on The Midlife Method

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