Mastering Your Health: Mastering Your Performance

In the pursuit of success, we’ll often sacrifice what doesn’t seem important, like looking after our body. And I mean really looking after it.

We figure we’ll shed the pounds later when we’ve got time/when work’s less stressful/when we’re feeling motivated, etc…

Big mistake.

Without your health you don’t have strong foundations for anything and something will give eventually.

It could be your health, it could be your relationship, work…Now, here’s the good news: rectifying your health’s foundation is a straightforward endeavour.

However, simple doesn’t equate to easy.

The wisest step you can ever take is learning how to attain and maintain a lean, fit physique. Doing this will pay massive dividends in all areas of your life, catapult your energy and productivity to unprecedented heights, and make you more resilient.

Health, at its core, is simple. But it’s not necessarily easy.

The Simple Part:

Eat for the body you want: Calculate your daily nutrition needs to support your ideal body composition (weight and strength). Simple habit changes make this approach 100% sustainable and far more effective than traditional diets.

Move for the body you want: Surprisingly, short workouts can work wonders. Exercise significantly reduces stress, improves sleep quality, and has a more profound impact on hormonal health than supplements ever could.

The Not-So-Easy Part: You may very well be your own worst adversary when it comes to health. The battle for health unfolds within our minds long before it manifests in our bodies. It’s a struggle between rationalising executive excuses and confronting the harsh reality.

Neglecting health while pouring all your energy into other pursuits is a path fraught with peril. A pyramid can’t soar higher than its foundation, and a leader can’t be more productive than their health permits.

How to Initiate Change in Five Steps:

  1. Recognise the power of habits and their deep-seated, subconscious roots. This is where my expertise in health psychology comes into play.

  2. Understand that our rational minds often falter against the currents of our subconscious. Sometimes, it’s akin to an ant trying to steer an elephant.

  3. Embrace the concept of moving from unconscious incompetence to conscious competence. Yet, remember that, at times, it’s beneficial to connect directly with your intuition.

  4. Get into the habit of recognising your patterns, taking responsibility, and ultimately choosing a different path.

  5. In the realm of health, bypassing your subconscious and forging new, positive habits can lead you to an entirely different street—a street where your health is the cornerstone of your success.

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