Do What Works For You

There’s just so much health information out there it can often seem overwhelming. Worse some of it is contradictory, so it’s no wonder people end up doing the wrong things, or even just giving up.

I get it. Often when I speak to prospective clients they’re not only feeling overwhelmed with life, but overwhelmed about the changes they might have to make. It doesn’t help when you have health influencers spouting out daily routines that take hours…

It’s just not realistic. You need to do what works for you and fits with your lifestyle. I liken it to a buffet approach to health, pick what’s going to work for you.

When I work with my clients we’re always clear on the goal and what it’s going to take to get there, but these are high performing individuals seeking to avoid the burnout they can sense coming, or are looking for that extra edge, be that physical, mental or emotional.

With a definite goal, plus motivation to achieve it, coupled with discipline, then it’s possible to set out a series of adjustments that are easy to fit into a busy day, that over time compound to give big results.

But if you’re not looking for drastic changes, and just want a little more energy, to lose some body fat, then you can adopt the same principle – pick what works for you and make small changes that are simple to fit into your life – you’ll be surprised at the scale of the transformation over time.

All too often we’re looking for the one big thing that will magically make everything okay. Or the exact correct bio-hacking protocol that will transform your life.

The truth is, its never about the one big thing, or about being perfect. 

Yes, the more positive adjustments we can make, the faster and better the results, but…

Our lives also have to be balance, and have to be joyful.

So, do what makes you happy, seek to be in balance, and think about the small positive changes that will improve your quality of life over time,If you’re ready to turbo-charge your progress, your motivated for change, and would love to be feeling more confident and energised, have lower body fat, more lean muscle, way more vitality and balance in your life (still without making big sacrifices) then get in touch and let’s have a chat about how I can help you.