…I have from the past three years is not connecting with others more frequently.

Since Covid, I’ve been head down building the business and honestly – behaving like a human doing, not a human being.

So much so that in May this year, I experienced burnout.

A greater outside force MADE me stop, reevaluate and heal, which is one of the best things that’s ever happened to me.

A realisation is that I feel truly alive when I’m WITH people. When I connect in a community. When I belong.

It seems so simple now I say it out loud, and yet I got it so wrong.

I didn’t prioritise connection the way I should’ve and it left me feeling very low.

The truth is, we’re hardwired to be together.

To love and feel loved.

To be seen, heard and understood.

To be accepted as we are, for who we are.

So this year as I’ve committed to prioritising CONNECTION, I feel greater joy, peace and excitement for what’s possible.

It’s like a light’s been turned back on.

And as I’ve pondered on this, I feel something brewing within me.

I thought – if I’ve felt like this, maybe other women do too.

Maybe, for whatever reason, there are others feeling alone, lost and isolated.

Perhaps like me, there are women out there spinning a tonne of plates….with people to see and things to do, homes to keep, jobs to uphold.

Perhaps on the outside looking in, their lives seem fabulous, and yet they’re feeling more disconnected than ever.

Disconnected not only from themselves, but other kind, non judgemental, inspiring women.

So I’m being called to do something a bit different. Something that feels very right in my heart.

I want to open up a group online space for women in December, where we can come together and feel part of something uplifting, empowering and deeply nourishing for the body, mind and soul.

It’ll be for 7 days and the aim is for you to walk away feeling:

Seen, Heard and Understood



Self accepting


And full of positive expectation for your beautiful life…

So if this sounds like something you might be interested in, just pop me a YES below.

I won’t hold you to it don’t worry. I just want to get an idea on numbers for now.

I deeply hope to BE with you soon – just as you are and just as I am…