Sustainable weight loss… more about what you think than what you do.

No amount of gruelling workouts and insane fad diets can heal the wounds of the mind.

Or your own limiting self image.

To become truly ‘well’ is an inside AND an outside job. The two go hand in hand.

That’s why time and again when people lose weight they put it straight back on again.

They sadly still see themselves as ‘fat.’

One of the reasons for this is that they didn’t do the mental and emotional work that reframes past thoughts of who they THINK they are.

If you’ve been telling yourself for years you’re fat, then after a diet or a juice plan, you’re not…

Then you pile on the pounds again..

…how can you honestly believe your mind will do a U-Turn?

A U turn that will sustain long term change?

It requires work. Yes it’s a bugger. You need to be consistent and patient with yourself.

You have to let go of perfection.

I know this because there was a HUGE amount of behind the scenes mindset stuff I had to do to create a healthier relationship with my body and food, before I could truly help others.

In truth it went on for years. But I didn’t quit.

Because I didn’t want my demons to define me. I wanted more peace. More joy.

It’s why I take such pleasure in helping clients become aware of this background noise going on.

Because…the body hears EVERYTHING the mind says.

How does this sit with you?