The 5 Steps To Awesome Results At Midlife

Midlife can be a tricky time, hormonal changes, sluggish metabolism, stress…

These can all make us feel less than our best. Perhaps we want to lose some weight, or it could be about rediscovering your energy and confidence.

Here are 5 steps to help you get results:

1) Follow a proven strategy: you can go it alone but how far have you got so far?

How much more time and money will you flush down the toilet figuring out for yourself?

You wouldn’t set out on a journey with no idea of the route or a plan so why do the same with your health?

Following a proven success strategy maximises your chances of success and takes the guess work out of it.

2. Leverage the appliance of science: at midlife hormonal and physical changes mean that more reps don’t equal better results. it’s about how you train, when you train, how and when you fuel and adequate recovery.

3. Master your mindset: we coach that it’s 80% mental. In a sense the physical reps are easy and the mental reps are hard.

It’s about transforming your beliefs in line with you who you want to become, not who you are.

Make sure your mind is serving you, not sabotaging you, master your habits so they’re supporting you and get your beliefs aligned with your goals.

4. Less is more: simplify everything down. Forget endless hours in the gym, complex diets and learn how to nourish yourself sustainably and healthily for life, along with learning the optimised way to train your body in short burst for effective results.

5. Accountability: you need to take responsibility for yourself, but having a team supporting you and a mentor can give you the extra boost you might need.

Motivation is finite so reach out for support when you need it.

This is why we get such amazing results for our clients. We’re starting a new intake to our Midlife Reset programme this month, if you want details DM me and we’ll set up a discovery call.