Are You Ready To Try Something Different?

We’re proud to say that the results we get for our clients in body and mind are amazing.

The reason is we care, we know what we’re doing, we take an evidence based approach and we know how to get results time and time again.

Here’s just a small selection of what our clients say…

“Wow, wow, wow! What an amazing experience on The Midlife Reset. 8 weeks ago I weighed too much, didn’t exercise, didn’t sleep well and struggled with my energy levels and just didn’t know where to start.

8 weeks on I have more energy, I am sleeping s much better and I have lost weight and lots of cm’s. My mindset is much more positive and I know I have the tools to keep me on track.”


“I joined the Midlife Reset not really knowing what it was that I needed or what I was going to get out of such a programme. I had lost some weight but still couldn’t look in the mirror. I had an inadequate relationship with exercise, lacked motivation was feeling overwhelmed and generally “bleurgh”.

I had an opportunity to prioritise myself and I jumped in. It was the best decision.

After 8 short weeks I had lost weight and body fat but the biggest change physically was cm’s off my waist and hips. I feel amazing in my clothes and others have noticed and commented too.

But the metrics don’t matter because what I really gained was an understanding of the right exercise and nutrition for me and his to build flexible, healthy and enjoyable habits around these that fitted my life.

It’s also taken me to places mentally that I did not expect. It raises your attention to address the whole “you” because we can’t separate from the mindset.

I feel a sense of calmness and with their tools techniques support and positivity I have been able tot tame the overwhelmed unmotivated and unforced me of 3 months ago. I have renewed energy and motivation and most importantly I have built habit I know I can sustain.”


“I’m delighted to leave you a glowing review. My journey with you has been incredible – physically and emotionally.

12lbs lost in 5 weeks

One stone in 6 weeks

20.5lbs in 8 weeks!”


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