Let’s Talk Longevity….

I’m sure you want to live longer. I’m also sure that you want that life to be as healthy and of as high a quality as possible.

So, what are you doing about that?

Because waiting until you’re older, and already struggling will be leaving it too late. Sorry, but that’s the way it is.

Want to know what’s a better predictor of your mortality risk than smoking or diabetes?

Your strength and your VO2 max.

Yep. Multiple research found a correlation between lowered mortality and strength, and the same for VO2 max, or your cardiovascular fitness. Incredibly wore so than the harm done by smoking or diabetes.

Why is that?

Well a number of reasons.

First, as we age our mortality risk from breaking a hip or leg increases hugely. If we’re strong and we have good balance, then we’re less likely to fall, and if we do trip or stumble, we have the strength to recover.

If you’re laid up in bed with a broken hip it’s not just your strength and physical health that declines, but your lack of connection and activity, increasing your risk of death.

Similarly all physical tasks require oxygen. As we age our ability to utilise oxygen (VO2 max) declines about 1% per year from the age of 40. So if we do nothing, even simple tasks like getting up from a chair or walking up stairs put strain on us and on our heart.

This means we do less, become more inactive, lose social connections, become isolated…

The decrease of VO2 max can be blunted with training. The same is true with strength.

Knowing this now, what are you going to do with the information?

Wait a little longer?

Or take action to ensure you’re controlling the controllable and giving yourself the best shot?