/ˈbəːnaʊt/ noun

A feeling of mental and physical exhaustion or collapse
Not a single event but a process

Burnout is a symptom of our times. It creeps up on us without warning.
And never has it been more prevalent than in mid lifers, as we juggle
career, family, financial and social commitments.

The Exec:Reset Retreat
Bespoke 1:1 Coaching Programme

We're Claire & James Davis - owners of world renowned, award winning fitness retreats company, Thirty Eight Degrees North.
Since 2012 we've been changing lives by educating people on how to eat well, train smart and live happy.
We also have backgrounds in psychology, executive coaching, stress management, NLP and hypnotherapy.

Our inside out, body and mind approach, along with our anti-fad, no nonsense
ethics is what sets us apart.


Burnout can be debilitating.

We know because we've been there.

We're supposed to have it all together.

But that means the potential to feel like we're failing is huge.

That's why we're so passionate about sharing how we not only overcame our own burnout, but how we've helped our clients do the same.

The purpose of this immersive retreat and ongoing coaching programme is to provide support, accountability and totally customised practical fitness, nutrition and mindset solutions so you're able to make life balance a reality.

Our mission is for you to walk away educated and empowered - with the tools to dramatically improve your quality of life NOW and for the FUTURE.


The Experience

Imagine completely transforming your life from the inside out – both in body and mind – in just over 8 weeks. You’ll not only look different and feel different, but you’ll have a more balanced perspective, with clarity and confidence on how to sustain it. We guarantee you’ll be back in control of your health and happiness – with a leaner, stronger body.

The experience consists of a luxury spa weekend retreat to kick start the anti-burnout process. We’ll spend some immersive time together, introducing you to our methodology.

This is followed by 8 weeks of customised one to one coaching: a personalised training plan for your goals and a personalised meal plan – all delivered on demand to your device, where we can both check progress. We’ll also have weekly calls to give you the accountabiity and support you need – as well as tools to get you operating at an optimum level.

“James and Claire have an inspiring level of energy"

James and Claire have an inspiring level of energy, but their unique approach avoids fads and unsustainable diets and routines. Their focus is finding what works for you as an individual, and (crucially) what will result in sustainable and happy results for you personally. They tailor their approach to you individually. They’re so good at it that you don’t even realise that they’re pushing you beyond your limits to reach your best!”

The Immersive Weekend

We’ll meet at the sumptuous 5* Bailiffscourt Hotel & Spa on the Sussex coast at 3pm Friday. Once you’ve settled in and had a tour of the facilities we’ll guide you through what’s to come.

During the weekend we’ll coach and educate you on training methods, nutrition and pratical ways to shift your lifestyle so you’re back in control. Plus you will have a one to one session with us.

The backdrop encourages relaxation and reconnection with nature – all just a short distance from London. Meals will be nutritious and delicious, with outdoor training on the beach, plenty of sea air and spa time with a treatment to rejuvenate. We finish up just before lunch on Sunday.

The Coaching

Between  us, we have multiple qualifications in Psychology, NLP, hypnosis, stress management and life coaching. That’s not to mention PT qualifications and years of experience working with thousands of clients to help them achieve an optimal mind and body.

You can expect a grounded, authentic, common sense approach with plenty of “a-ha” moments as we guide you through your transformation journey and empower you with a sustainable, no fad system.

You’ll also have a personalised training and nutrition plan that’s tailored to your physiology, goals and lifestyle.

The Science

If you wish we can include your individual genetic information to understand what’s going on from the inside out. This is particularly useful when looking at stress.

That’s because the two-way interaction between DNA and lifestyle determines overall health and wellbeing. Your DNA affects your ability to cope with your lifestyle.

Understanding genetic strengths and weaknesses, and making important improvements can supercharge your way to better health, vitality and life longevity.

Once results are obtained, we consult on findings and use them to further tweak your plans.


We've been you (burnt out) corporate execs in London

We're experts in our industry and have a proven system that transforms physical & mental wellbeing

For 12 years we've worked with over worked, stressed out mid lifers

Our approach is grounded in science

We are highly qualified and experienced in Personal Training, Nutrition, Executive Coaching, Stress Management, NLP and are Hormone Specialists

We're on a mission to prescribe an alternative way that works - one that promises to balance success AND health and happiness


You're keeping how you feel to yourself

You can't focus in the day and stress levels feel unmanageable

When you do sleep, you don't feel rested

You have huge lows in energy

You're on auto-pilot and numb

You feel unhealthy, unfit
and sluggish

You're operating at maximum and have lost sight of what really matters

You yo yo diet and/or comfort eat

Join Us

June 28th - June 30th 2019

Bailiffscourt Court, Sussex

* Max group size: 6 people*

For more details, questions or info: claire@38nacademy.com