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These uncertain times are bringing this up for a lot of people, including me… That feeling of overwhelm that the challenges of 2020 can so

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Cheers To The Weekend!

Cheers To The Weekend I’m seeing a lot of posts about drinking and also about weight gain. Those two things can be related… Alcohol sales

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Positivity Not Panic

The world changed in a matter of weeks last month. Contrast this week to even 2 weeks ago… Coronavirus spread fast and has impacted the

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Wow! Blown Away…

Wow. Blown away by what’s happened this week. Over 100 people have joined our Free 5 Day challenge in 5 days. The app held up….yay!

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Lockdown Gains

As we adjust to life with new restrictions I’m sure one thing many of us has noticed is not restricted is our appetite. I for

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Exercising In Lockdown

The new normal is presenting us with lots of challenges, but every challenge is an opportunity. An opportunity to grow, to find a new way

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