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7 Ways To Feel Great Every Day

Looking and feeling good is something we all want, if we’re completely honest. And contrary to popular opinion, that doesn’t mean hour after hour on a treadmill, or an unsustainable diet plan. With a few small tweaks to your day, you can start to feel, look and be healthier… long-term.

Never, ever, EVER skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes, it’s a monumental cliche, but it’s also true. Did you know that those that skip breakfast are 27% more like to have a heart attack?

Starting your day with a balanced meal has numerous positive effects (and not just to your health). It improves your concentration, it lifts your mood AND it boosts your energy levels. Opt for a high fibre, high protein choice to keep that energy up all day.

If you’re not a big fan of eating first thing, try our easy green smoothie.

Get outside

Our bodies need Vitamin D for strong, healthy bones (so when your mum used to tell you that playing outside was good for you, she was right!). From April to October, our skin makes Vitamin D from the sunlight, so take the opportunity to catch some rays (just don’t forget your sunscreen).

Taking a midday walk not only gives you the chance to squeeze some gentle exercise into your day, it helps you clear your mind and pick up your mood before heading back to the office.

Clear your mind

Having a lot going on upstairs can really impact your health (both mental and physical). Relaxation and balance is vital for a healthy lifestyle, and that means working through any issues you might have.

Practicing meditation can be really helpful, as can regular journaling. Both give you the chance to shake off your worries and be mindful of the things you concern yourself with.

Stand tall

Poor posture can lead to some pretty severe health issues as you age. Sitting at a desk, slouching as you drive and carrying heavy bags can all have an impact (and not in a good way).

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of at least one of those, on a regular basis. But how can you fix it before it’s too late?

This article offers 17 tips to help you get that perfect posture back.

Have a digital detox
This step goes hand in hand with “clear your mind”. Having your smart phone in hand 24/7 stops you from ever truly having a break, and that’s not healthy. You need time to step back from the information overload, and enjoy what’s going on around you. Take a chance to be grateful – enjoy a meal with friends, go for a run, or unwind in a bubble bath. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better than if you spend that time checking your emails (again).

Get active in short bursts
We love HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts here at 38N. Rather than having to make time for a full gym session or a 10 mile run, try one of these 30 minute full-body circuits.

The results are pretty striking, with increased cardiovascular fitness, weight-loss and toning (not to mention the adrenaline rush).

A lack of sleep, or a night of disturbed sleep, can have you feeling down like nothing else. It makes you grouchy, it impacts your concentration, and it stops you from enjoying just about anything.

We all need different amounts of sleep (and that changes as we age), but there’s a lot we can do to make sure those precious hours are sacred. Read more about it here.