Managing The Pre-Christmas Pounds

It’s that time of year when the mercury drops, the nights draw in, and we’re drawn to hearty, filling food.

Throw in layers of clothes hiding your body and it can be all too easy for the weight to slowly creep on, and that’s before Christmas starts…

If you’d like a simple way to negate that weight gain without the faff of dieting or calorie counting then we’ve got 5 simple tips for you.

Before we get into those, please note, this is not a long term strategy.

If you want to drop body fat/ weight, then look to create around a 500 calorie a day deficit from your calorie needs by consuming slightly less and exercising more (something we work with clients one to one on).

Okay, so on with those tips…

1. Cut the sugars

We don’t mean just the teaspoon(s) you’re dropping in your tea/coffee but hidden sugars which are usually the main culprit. When we consume high amounts of sugar we trigger an insulin response, effectively converting the sugar to energy.

If we’re not using that energy right away, it’s then stored as glycogen in the muscles, and any leftover as body fat…. So… that sweet treat, could literally be “a moment on the lips, quite a long time on the hips.”

There’s research evidence that a yo-yo-ing insulin response makes us more likely to store fat around the abdominal and hip areas, so start reading packaging labels.

You’re looking for “Carbohydrates”, and underneath “of which sugars”. Anything 5% (5g per 100g) or below is low, anything 22.5% or above is classified as high sugar.

Aim for as low as possible.

2. Move more

Have heard of NEAT? It stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. Basically, it means move more.

Research shows 2 identical individuals could have a variation of up to 2000 calories more burned in a day if one of them is moving more: fidgeting, typing, walking up stairs, walking rather than driving. Move your butt lovely people.

3. Drink more water

Often that hunger feeling is mild dehydration. If you’re hungry when you really shouldn’t be, then drink a big glass of cold water.

You should be aiming for 2 – 3 litres a day.

4. Load your food early in the day

Yes a pie and mash might make a splendid dinner on a chilly night but that energy isn’t going anywhere… Big breakfast, mid size lunch, light dinner.

5. Get enough sleep and manage your stress levels

These two are linked.

Poor sleep is linked to weight gain, as is stress. Both will trigger cortisol release which makes us more likely to store body fat. Learn ways to relax and get enough rest.

We hope that helps. As always – drop us a line with any questions. We love to hear from you.

10 Top Healthy Christmas Gifts For Physical & Mental Wellbeing

Tis the season to be jolly, overindulge and enjoy yourself. But how about giving the gift of wellbeing this Christmas? Or adding one of these to your own letter to Santa?

New workout gear: putting on workouts clothes you feel good in is proven to boost your motivation, so rather than that old pair of leggings again, how about some new gear that you feel great in? High street chains offer great ranges as well as your usually sporting suspects like Nike, Reebok, Adidas etc.

DNA testing: this might sound scary but training in line with your genetic potential (your inherited traits) gives you a 30 % boost in performance. Add in stats about what’s currently going on in your body and get the full picture. Vitagen-X offer a comprehensive range of DNA, blood and hormonal test. Get £50 off with the code XMAS38N

Online training & nutrition: fancy training at home, as you travel, in fact, anytime, anywhere? The 38N Academy offers a range of real time workout videos, nutritional advice, recipes, mindset workshops and even live weekly workouts, all for under £30 a month. Grab 3 months membership for £69 here or email us to gift 3 months to a loved one.

Hypnotherapy: hypnotherapy doesn’t have to be about overcoming a phobia or giving up smoking (though it’s great for both), it can be about healing past trauma, overcoming blocks, lowering stress, increasing confidence and a whole lot more. We’re big fans of the direct to the root of the problem approach hypnosis offers, and the effective results. We’re also big fans of Zoe Clews Associates on Harley Street as our go to.

Body composition monitors: ditch the scales! Yes controversial advice, but we coach our clients to focus on the fit of their clothes, how they feel, and their body composition. Why? muscle is denser than fat, as we get fitter we add muscle and drop fat, so we can often become heavier while looking and feeling better as we “lean down”. Bonus result, your metabolic rate increases. A decent set of Tanita body composition monitors for you to track body fat as opposed to body weight is where it’s at.

One-to-one coaching: sometimes we all need that little bit of extra help. Wherever you feel you need help in your life, why not reach out to a coach. We offer 6 week packages that not only address training and nutrition with bespoke solutions for both, but will help you set and work towards life goals as well as body goals.

A fitness kickstart holiday: having a holiday to look forward to will boost your mood, it will help you focus on your body goals, why not get an even bigger boost with a fitness holiday? We specialise in empowering our clients for sustainable change for life – which is why we’ve won awards and rave reviews. We’ve got options from 3 nights up to 6 nights in Marbella and Ibiza for 2019. Go on treat yourself.

Some quality supplements: there are loads of supplements out there. If you’re training then we’d always recommend topping up your protein with a good quality protein blend. There are lots of good ones out there (also lots of really bad ones – be careful). One of the best we’ve tried is Pure Blend Co – all natural ingredients, low sugar, no nasties. Bulkpowders also do a great range of products at great prices.

A kettlebell: weird choice? Not at all – a kettlebell (or better still 2 or 3) will open up a whole new world of resistance exercises you can do at home. Cheap, will last for years and will get you results when used as part of a programme. The only bit of kit we recommend for our at home transformational programmes like Ibiza Beach Body, as it’s so versatile. You can pick them up at pretty much all sports stores these days.

A hand blender: we start our day with a power smoothie (our clients get to learn our secret recipe and they love it) – protein, low GI carbs, anti-oxidants – it keeps you full to lunch time, doesn’t spike your blood sugar levels and is a great way to start the day. Nutribullet, or similar is perfect.

Festive Fat Fighting Fitness Tips


1. Be realistic
This probably isn’t the best time of year to try to embark on a great weight loss plan. Lose a couple of pounds for that little black dress – sure! But don’t have unrealistic expectations of yourself. You’ll only make yourself feel worse.

2. Maintain your routine
So this is a biggy. Do not let your routine slip! You’ll only regret it and it’ll lead you down a very slipperry slope. If you want to take a week out of your routine or reduce the amount of times you train, do that. But do not give it up altogether.

3. Sign up for a fitness event in early 2017
Sign up for something in the New Year that will force you to stay fit and healthy. Like our UK Body:Fit Weekend or Marbella Body:Fit Long Weekend! Knowing you have that to work towards will be at the back of your mind every time you feel like saying yes to that sixth mini sausage roll!

4. Cut calories where you can
Make good choices when it comes to drinks. Sadly, mulled wine has a massive 253 calories per small glass. A dry white wine has just 83. If you love mulled wine like me, maybe just swap half of them for a lower calorie choice?! It’ll all add up in the end.

5. Get enough sleep
Never underestimate the importance of sleep. It’s crucial to your body to rest and rejuvenate. Why? Because growing research has linked a lack of sleep to weight gain, type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

6. Get your vits
Festive food seriously lacks nutrients and we often eat less fruit and veg at this time. The immune system dips and hey presto you have a cold! So keep eating as much of the good stuff as you can and take a multi vitamin.

7. Portion control
Have you noticed in the lead up to Christmas that your potion control goes out the window? You pile your plate high. You convince yourself that just one more won’t hurt. It does. Be sensible – there really is no need to let it get out of control.

8. Eat slowly
Don’t scoff your food when you’re out with friends this Christmas. Eat slowly. It takes approximately 20 minutes from the time you start eating for your brain to send out signals of fullness. Leisurely eating allows ample time to trigger the signal from your brain that you are full. And feeling full translates into eating less. Simple!

9. Don’t let a couple of bad days ruin your whole week
Feeling gross from a few days of over-indulgence? We all do it. But it’s how you recover that counts. Know that if you keep feeling negative thoughts, you’re more inclined to reach for the cookies. So be gentle. Pick yourself up and go do something that feels good for your body, mind and soul.

10. Agua
Stay hydrated. Water is an antioxidant and protects our bodies from free radicals. Most of us don’t get enough and so we confuse thirst for hunger. So we eat more. And even 2% dehydration can impair performance when you exercise – meaning you won’t reap the benefits of your efforts. Aim for 2l a day and drink a glass before you eat.

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