What We’re Eating Tonight: Raw Chocolate Coconut Cheesecake

Delicious, healthy-ish, and easy peasy to make. Ideal for an indulgent weekend treat. All you’ll need is a blender, a cake tin/dish and the following:

For the base:
Around 400g mixed nuts
Handful stoned dates
Half a cup of oats
Tablespoon coconut oil

For the topping:
500ml coconut yoghurt
half a cup desiccated coconut
Tablespoon (or to taste) cocoa

Melt the coconut oil and whack it in your blender with all the base ingredients. Give the lot a good blitz. You may have to scoop a bit out, blitz it again, but you’ll be left with a nice biscuit type base. Spread it in your tin and press it all out.

Next mix up all your topping ingredients in a bowl so you’ve got a nice chocolate coloured mousse. Adjust the cocoa to personal taste preferences. You might find it quite bitter, personally I find the sweetness of the nuts and dates in the base balances it out but you could add a dash of agave or similar if you have a sweet tooth.

Spread that over the base, cover and fridge to set. After an hour or so, you’ve got the option of melting some dark chocolate in a pan, drizzling that over the top, sprinkling some desiccated coconut then putting back in the fridge until the best bit – eating time!

Enjoy! We’d LOVE to hear your feedback!