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Abs: How To Get Yours


They’re everywhere.

Thank you Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

I’m guilty of this myself. The looking and the posting.

But here’s something you should know. This time last year I had never even seen one of my ab muscles. At 38.

And I didn’t think that was on. For myself or the people that look to me to help them transform their body.


Because I didn’t want to dish out practical advice without doing it myself. Plus I wasn’t happy with my tummy area. And I coach people to take responsibility and ACT if they’re unhappy with something. And I’d never followed through when it came to getting the abs I wanted.

So here’s the real deal. What it took, how long it took and the sacrifices I made.

It went something like this:

  • I imagined a time in the future when I’d be comfortable in a sports bra showing off my mid section
  • I visualised what I would feel like in great detail (what would be different)
  • I used my NLP techniques to anchor the goal
  • I set a time limit and created a plan
  • I visualised it every day

You’ll notice none of that is actually DOING ab exercises, eating differently or cutting out booze.

I was doing the groundwork.

I knew it was my mindset that would get me abs. Not a clever workout or the latest faddy diet…..

I knew I was going to need more patience and commitment than before. And this time it had to be different.

And here’s why I got them. Because I decided to. I didn’t ‘intend’, ‘wish’ or ‘want’. I had a fire in my belly – an unstoppable, hell-bent focus.

If you don’t have that – don’t even bother. Anything less and you’ll fail.

Same goes for anything in life.

If you want to achieve it, don’t quit. Dig in. And focus on what you’re becoming, not what you are.

Once I set the groundwork, it went something like this:

  • 12 minutes of ab exercises 3 times a week – progressing the moves with weights and changing up the timings
  • Doing more compound exercises
  • Getting my diet on point – eating the right carbs at the right time, upping my protein for muscle growth and cutting down on the sugar
  • I reduced my vino intake – but not completely. I still had at least half a bottle of wine a week

That was the eas(ier) bit. Keeping at it was harder.

But once I started seeing results – I was hooked.

And now I can share this story with you. Mindset is KING. Nurture your thoughts, act consistently and you will see improvement. No – maybe not like the Insta gang, but a better version of you that you can be proud of.

If you want to hear a little more on this, watch James and I rant about it here:

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Quick Core Conditioning

Tightening your core is going to improve your posture, draw your waist in, and in this short 15 minute workout we using squats for full body movement, and intervals to boost the metabolic effect. We’re also hitting the core from all angles with a variety of exercises for abs, obliques and lower back.

The aim of the type of conditioning in this workout is to go as hard and as fast as you can from the start to get the optimum metabolic effect.  You’ve got a minutes rest every 4 minutes, so go for it! As with all exercise, check with a doctor first.

Squat jumps with flexion 1 minute
Alternate Vs 1 minute
Plank 1 minute
Crunches 1 minute
Rest 1 minute

Squat jumps with flexion 1 minute
Reverse crunches 1 minute
Supermans 1 minute
Alternate crunches 1 minute
Rest 1 minute

Squat jumps with flexion 1 minute
Alternate Vs 1 minute
Plank 1 minute
Crunches 1 minute

You can flip the middle section to the start or end, try different exercises and mix it up. What we’re looking for here is maximum effort plus hitting the core from multiple angles. Enjoy!