What if you could tweak your training and nutrition and get THREE TIMES the results? That’s exactly what we explore on our DNA:Fitness retreats in Ibiza.

Over the course of three days, we analyse and consult you on your individual genetics and then tailor your training and nutrition to get the best results. You don’t get more bespoke than that!

The detailed bit….!

Our DNA tests work with a number of factors (all scientifically verified) to look at your own genetic potential broadly split across training and nutritional traits. When you train in line with your genetic potential, your results are going to be around 30% better than if you trained against it. Clearly, knowing your genes makes a good starting point if you’re serious (and a little geeky!) about your training.

So what can you learn? The test (a simple swab of saliva sent off 3 weeks before you join us in Ibiza) gives us a training and nutritional report. You’ll then sit down for an in-depth consultation with a 38ºN PT and ex-Harley Street Nutritionist. From there, having looked at your results, and your training and lifestyle goals, we’ll work on your individual training and nutrition plan, building it out in a personal training session. This is then sandwiched between group sessions where we’ll introduce you to new training concepts you can use at home.

On the training side the broad split we look at is ‘power’ versus an ‘endurance’ pre-disposition: are you a natural marathon runner, or are you better suited to power lifting? In practice most fall somewhere between the two, but by looking at specific gene pairings we can drill down into the type of training that suits your genetics best, and so yields better results.

The consultations also offer the opportunity to drill down into things like VO2 max, injury susceptibility and recovery times, which feed into training types, intensity and frequency.

On the nutrition side we gain an insight into how well you can utilise carbs, fats, and protein, your sensitivity to caffeine and alcohol, your ability to detox (not in the juicing sense, but how well your body can clear toxins) and your suggested supplementation needs.

At the end of last season WIRED magazine featured our DNA:Fitness retreat as part of their Future of Fitness feature. You can read their experience here.

 Our DNA:Fitness Retreat dates:

We’ve got 3 DNA:Fitness long weekend dates running at the luxury 5* ME Ibiza resort throughout 2017 (more info here), and DNA:Fitness is also available as a Bespoke option – you pick the dates and length of stay. For the retreats we work with a maximum group size of 6 people and your package  includes 2 reports, 2 consultations, 2 PT sessions, plus additional training, breakfasts, lunches and a take away training plan formulated especially for you.

If you’d like more information, or want to book, just drop us a line.