3 Ways To Lift Your Mood

We wanted to share 3 ways to lift your mood. Your energy. Your spirit.

They’re super simple so there’s no excuse not to do them.

How you feel is YOUR responsibility.

You can wallow or you can choose differently.

The power is in your hands.

1. Look in people’s eyes and smile

In today’s fast paced, self absorbed society, the ability to connect with others is being lost. The digital age has its pros and cons. This is most definitely a con.

Since the very first humans walked this earth, community was key to survival.

So today be conscious of making eye contact and smiling. Open yourself up. See people. Let yourself be seen.

Do it to…..

The barista at the coffee shop. The security guard at your office. The bus driver.

You might feel weird at first.

However, we promise, this tiny act of love and kindness will not only make them feel great, it will be sent right back to you. Energy has a way of doing that.

2. Do a good deed for someone outside your immediate circle

We’re so busy in our own lives. Work, friends, family. It’s incredibly easy to become insular.

Doing a good deed for someone outside your immediate circle will of course benefit them.

It could be volunteering to take an old person’s dog for a nice long walk. It could be buying the homeless person a coffee. It could be mentoring someone once a week. It could be as simple as helping someone with a heavy bag off the tube.

But the kick back is also awesome. Some might say selfish in a positive way 🙂

Because studies have found that it creates a massive spike in oxytocin – otherwise known as the love hormone.

This gorgeous hormone can lower blood pressure , improve our heart health and generate a feeling of self confidence and peace.

So it’s a win win. They feel good. You feel good.

3. Step back in time

We spend a lot of time worrying about the future. Anxiety, fear and paralysis can set in.

We take for granted how far we’ve come because we’re so focussed on wanting more.

So right now, write down 3 things you NOW have that 3 years ago you wanted.

3 things that the person you were 3 years ago desired.

It could be better health. A new car. The love of your life. More money. Increased confidence and sense of purpose.

Yes – that’s you. You’ve created that.

There we are – three simple but impactful ways to lift your mood.

We’d LOVE to know how you get on with these.