Some Info About NSA From Dr Abi Our NSA Chiropracter

Warning!! Regular NSA care can cause the following “side-effects” Restored sense of humour When we are feeling under pressure, life naturally appears more serious. We have a tendency to let our imaginations go into overdrive with all manner of fearful scenarios playing out in our mind. An NSA adjustment works through these untrue and unknown worries and projections, which leads to a natural shift from anxiety/seriousness to relaxation/good humour. Flatter stomach Life tension is held in the stomach and upper intestine. This causes acid reflux, bloating and indigestion. Regular NSA care leads to this area of our body getting lighter, and bloating and discomfort disappears. Better balance Different areas of the nervous system govern our perception and ability to balance. It is common to find that regular NSA adjustments lead to an improvement in dexterity, spacial awareness and balance. People often become much more adept at sports and can learn new things much more quickly. NSA promotes feeling more connected with our body and to the environment, being more present in the moment and more available to deal with anything. Increased Strength An NSA adjustment causes communication between the brain and various body parts to be cleared. Feelings of fatigue are remedied extremely quickly and new strength can be felt immediately. In short, NSA allows you to resume your full power! Increased Height If we are faced with any level of “fight or flight”, our body moves in flexion and contracts. Look at the ageing process; round shoulders, caved-in chest, stooped forward. Life tension in itself squashes us! With NSA, the body moves through worries and false concerns into a natural state of openness which leads to erect posture. Better Sex NSA opens you and makes you feel more connected to your amazing body. Expect a increase in sexual prowess and libido. NSA makes you feel sexy again! How NSA may help with inability to cope with life Micro events, or day to day happenings clog up the nervous system. A male under pressure may often “”shut down”” whilst a female can go into “”overwhelm””. Neither of these states allows room for response…we are simply reacting. An NSA adjustment allows these areas to be worked through, rather than denying them, so that the system can learn and actually adapt to stress. How NSA may help with knee problems From a mechanical point of view, our knees are one of the most hard-working and weight-bearing parts of our body. They are responsible for taking in a lot of information from the environment. Correcting a knee joint poses many challenges as the knees are in use almost all day, and there are often numerous factors to be taken into account. With NSA, the system makes a global search of the entire body and is able to discover where the “problem” in the knee generated from in the first place. The bio-mechanics of the whole body can then adjust to support the knee and find a much more efficient working condition. How NSA helps with back problems Take a look at some of the everyday phrases and expressions we all use: “it’s in the back of my mind”, “that put my back out”, “it’s on the back burner”. The spine is a conduit for everything going on in your world. Quite literally, whatever your spine is…your world is! NSA comprises a series of specific touches of finger and hand down your spine. When the spine is open, relaxed and efficient, then your life response will be too. How NSA helps with pain The goal of NSA is not to get rid of pain. This would the same as putting a sticker over a flashing light on your car’s dashboard! Pain exists to show re-organisation is required. NSA allows the system to effectively and simply re-organise. Once the system is at ease and running optimally, the physical pain is address and is no longer required. AND THE WARNING LIGHT SWITCHES OFF. How NSA helps with sleep If life tension, over-function and stress are not processed, this backs up into the body system, leaving us in a heightened state which disturbs our sleep. The architecture of sleep is complex. We need to be in a relaxed state in order for this natural process to occur. NSA allows us to feel clear. Thus, we are better able to switch off and land in our “docking bay” to become fully re-charged again.