Hitting A Plateau

You’ve gotta rest to be your best!

Rest days are SO important when it comes to exercise.


Because when you work your muscles during a weights workout, you actually make tiny tears in the muscle fibres. The body uses the nutrients you’ve consumed to give you energy to do this.

It’s only at REST that your body has time to repair and grow the muscle fibres – using something called protein synthesis.

When I say grow – I DO NOT mean BULK (ladies!)

I mean the muscles will become stronger, leaner and more toned – giving you the body shape you desire.

So number 1 – rest is important to looking lean and feeling strong.

Number 2 – overtraining puts massive strain on the CNS (Central Nervous System) and can lead to over production of insulin, which can then lead to a rise in cortisol (the stress hormone).

When this happens – in extreme cases, you can move into a adrenal fatigue state and your body will actually HANG ON to fat. We often see this when people do too much cardio.

I once did this to myself so I know all too well!

You just need to listen to your body and if you’ve hit a plateau it could be that you’re not resting enough.

You’re not giving the muscle time to repair. And you’re not giving your body time to recover from cardio sessions.

So I’m giving you permission right now to relax and let go.

Body Confidence

The ultimate thing to remember about body confidence

The ultimate thing to realise about body confidence is….

It’s an inside job.

Trust me I see this time and time again with men and women.

You can be as ripped as Hugh Jackman or look like a Victoria Secret’s model and still not be body confident. I know women who do bikini competitions and have to see psychiatrists after the show because they dislike their body so much.

So what does this tell us?

It’s a mindset thing. Not an external reality thing.

Body confidence is an inside job.

It comes from acknowledging and accepting that you’re a WHOLE being that has some extraordinary gifts to share with the world.

It comes from being grateful for what you DO have.

It comes from being disciplined enough NOT to scroll through social media all day comparing yourself.

It comes from realising that ‘health and fitness’ looks different on everyone and it’s about how WELL and STRONG you feel.

So my advice is this….

Look after your body. Move it. Fuel it well.

Of course this brings confidence as your body responds physically.

But make sure you’re putting in the mental and emotional wellbeing reps too.

Without those reps, you won’t reach the best possible version of YOU – regardless of the size of your waist.


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