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The Ultimate Date?!

Yes – it’s the day of LOVE. But a Partner Workout can be with anyone that motivates your ass to MOVE!

So why work out with someone?

Research has shown that we tend to work out harder with someone as you feel encouraged, inspired and accountable (there’s nothing worse than letting someone down is there?!). Plus you’ll laugh a lot more than you would on your own!

At least once a week for our “fun” workout, Claire and I will do something together – be that a HIIT treadmill run next to each other, or another form of HIIT like Tabatas, a MetCon, Max Interval or Tonne Up (if you’re not sure on any of these, watch our videos on our website where we explain these https://thirtyeightdegreesnorth.com/videos/ or visit one of our retreats!)

Here are two others we love – so grab your partner and give it a go!

Song Smash

All you need is a playlist, a speaker, some basic equipment (a kettebell, a battle rope and a mat is fine) or just bodyweight, and a white board and you’re away…

It’s a variation on AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) but with you’re own party playlist. Select 3 to 8 songs (depending on how long you want to work out for), put them in a playlist, then it’s gonna work like this:

On a whiteboard write out pairs of exercises and numbers of reps per song. For example Song 1 might be Squat Jumps X 20 and Kettlebell Swings x 20. Then another might be Burpees x 20 and Football Shuffle x 20. Write all pairings up on the board.

Now you’ve each chosen songs – you will pick one pairing. Press play and off you go – keep performing the reps of each pair of exercises for as long as Song 1 is playing. Next song, move onto the next pairing.

Controller Circuit

Again, pair two exercises, one of those is the “controller’ – it dictates how long and how hard you work for. For example, 100 rope slams while the other person is smashing out burpees. How much you like your partner might influence how fast/hard you work or how much you slow it up to see them suffer… Remember though, you swap over after one round.

For a decent workout get at least 5 pairs of exercises (1. sprints (10) while the other does press ups 2. lunge jumps (20) while the other does crunches etc). Swap over quickly on the same round, then take a rest between pairings for the HIIT effect.

You’ll find you’ll work a lot harder when you’re working for someone else, so it’s a great way to motivate yourself and your workout buddy.

So if you’re wondering what to do for THE date night tonight – why not try this out?! A dash of endorphins, a pinch of protein shake and a whopper of a metabolic spike.

And yes…..Claire is a lucky, lucky lady!


What if you could tweak your training and nutrition and get THREE TIMES the results? That’s exactly what we explore on our DNA:Fitness retreats in Ibiza.

Over the course of three days, we analyse and consult you on your individual genetics and then tailor your training and nutrition to get the best results. You don’t get more bespoke than that!

The detailed bit….!

Our DNA tests work with a number of factors (all scientifically verified) to look at your own genetic potential broadly split across training and nutritional traits. When you train in line with your genetic potential, your results are going to be around 30% better than if you trained against it. Clearly, knowing your genes makes a good starting point if you’re serious (and a little geeky!) about your training.

So what can you learn? The test (a simple swab of saliva sent off 3 weeks before you join us in Ibiza) gives us a training and nutritional report. You’ll then sit down for an in-depth consultation with a 38ºN PT and ex-Harley Street Nutritionist. From there, having looked at your results, and your training and lifestyle goals, we’ll work on your individual training and nutrition plan, building it out in a personal training session. This is then sandwiched between group sessions where we’ll introduce you to new training concepts you can use at home.

On the training side the broad split we look at is ‘power’ versus an ‘endurance’ pre-disposition: are you a natural marathon runner, or are you better suited to power lifting? In practice most fall somewhere between the two, but by looking at specific gene pairings we can drill down into the type of training that suits your genetics best, and so yields better results.

The consultations also offer the opportunity to drill down into things like VO2 max, injury susceptibility and recovery times, which feed into training types, intensity and frequency.

On the nutrition side we gain an insight into how well you can utilise carbs, fats, and protein, your sensitivity to caffeine and alcohol, your ability to detox (not in the juicing sense, but how well your body can clear toxins) and your suggested supplementation needs.

At the end of last season WIRED magazine featured our DNA:Fitness retreat as part of their Future of Fitness feature. You can read their experience here.

 Our DNA:Fitness Retreat dates:

We’ve got 3 DNA:Fitness long weekend dates running at the luxury 5* ME Ibiza resort throughout 2017 (more info here), and DNA:Fitness is also available as a Bespoke option – you pick the dates and length of stay. For the retreats we work with a maximum group size of 6 people and your package  includes 2 reports, 2 consultations, 2 PT sessions, plus additional training, breakfasts, lunches and a take away training plan formulated especially for you.

If you’d like more information, or want to book, just drop us a line.


Beach Butt!

Now we’re back in Ibiza it’s bought forth the reality that my wardrobe now consists of bikinis, denim shorts and little dresses, instead of jeggings and oversized jumpers. Having just completed my 4 week Beach Body Blitz with 14 amazing women, thankfully, I feel that my bot is at least a little firmer than it was.

BUT if you’re reading this with just a few weeks to go until you need to reveal your butt on a beach, here’s a fool proof plan to take you from flabby to firm in just four weeks. Plus it can be done at home…..

The most important thing to understand here is that you’re going to need consistency. This is meant to be done 3 times a week and won’t take you long – so if you want results – suck it up! You’ll thank yourself for it when you feel more confident strutting on the beach!

So here’s how you get a killer butt in FOUR simple moves:

1. Wide squat – 3 X 12-15 repetitions

Ensure your bum goes back and down like you’re sitting on a chair. Chest stays up. Knees don’t cross too far over feet.

2. Glute bridges –  3 X 12-15 repetitions

Lie down, knees bent, feet on floor. Raise hips up towards the ceiling while pushing through the heels. Squeeze the butt together at the top. Keep shoulders on the ground.

3. Alternate leg walking lunges – 3 X 20 repetitions

Step forward with alternate legs – so it’ll end up being ten on each leg. Keep chest up and bring back knee really low to floor. Make sure the front knee doesn’t cross too far over front foot.

4. Single leg split squat – 3 X 12-15 repetitions on each leg.

Rest the back of one foot on a chair or secure ledge and bend front leg so the back knee lowers to the ground. See the pic for the right form!

One of my favourite sayings right now is: “You can’t expect to succeed if you only put in work on the days you feel like it.”

Heed this when you want your bum to sit on the sofa instead of killing this workout!

Changing With The Seasons: Keeping Motivated At The Gym This Autumn

Getting started is the easy bit – especially with the promise of Summer. But keeping motivated can be tough as we hit a seasonal shift.

Here are some tips that we live by to stop our focus waining when all we want to do is curl up and hibernate!

  • Have clear goals – are you hitting the gym to lose weight, to tone up, to add some muscle, to get fitter? Even just to look better (be honest), make sure you have a clear goal like dropping a dress size, smashing a new time for a run/bike/row, a personal best on a max lift or just looking super hot with your clothes off – get clear and you’ll be more motivated towards hitting it.
  • Have a workout plan – if you plan to just turn up and do ‘something’, when you get to the gym, you’ll soon falter. Take the time to create an organised workout plan so you know what you’re doing each session. It’ll keep you enthused and on track.
  • Train with a buddy if you can – basic psychology, if you publicly commit to something, you’re more likely to stick to it, so get yourself a training partner. You won’t want to let them down and you’ll motivate each other – imagine shouting ‘one more rep’!
  • Schedule your gym time – put your training time in your diary – this is the thing you do for you – so schedule it – if you share your calendar other people can see it and schedule around it. Commit!
  • Do something you enjoy! This might sound obvious, but you’ll be more motivated to do something you actually love doing – find the workout that works for you – it might be weights, it might be a class, it might be running, but doing what you enjoy is important.
  • Consider some tech – having a fitness tracker can provide extra impetus for you. But a warning – don’t take it as gospel. It’s a training aid, not the be all and end all, so think of it as your virtual nagger – if you haven’t hit your goals it will let you know.
  • Mix it up – lets be honest, no matter how much you love something, doing it over and over can get dull. Plus your body adapts to training faster than you’d think. Variety is the spice of life – change up your routine or workout every six to eight weeks.
  • Check in with yourself – see point 1 – how are you heading towards your goals? If you’re on track  – great! If you’re not, then time to push it that bit harder.
  • Train even when you’re not feeling it – we all have days when we just don’t feel like hitting the gym, but you always feel better after training. It’s a proven mood elevator, plus you’re building a healthy lifestyle habit. Note, if you are ill or injured this doesn’t apply! But if you’re otherwise good to go, then go – you’ll thank yourself after.
  • Build in rewards – balance is one of our most important philosophies. Life is to be enjoyed – celebrate your achievements with whatever floats your boat: a drink, some cake, a new bikini – you’ve earned it. Just be sensible about the foody treats!

7 Ways To Feel Great Every Day

Looking and feeling good is something we all want, if we’re completely honest. And contrary to popular opinion, that doesn’t mean hour after hour on a treadmill, or an unsustainable diet plan. With a few small tweaks to your day, you can start to feel, look and be healthier… long-term.

Never, ever, EVER skip breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Yes, it’s a monumental cliche, but it’s also true. Did you know that those that skip breakfast are 27% more like to have a heart attack?

Starting your day with a balanced meal has numerous positive effects (and not just to your health). It improves your concentration, it lifts your mood AND it boosts your energy levels. Opt for a high fibre, high protein choice to keep that energy up all day.

If you’re not a big fan of eating first thing, try our easy green smoothie.

Get outside

Our bodies need Vitamin D for strong, healthy bones (so when your mum used to tell you that playing outside was good for you, she was right!). From April to October, our skin makes Vitamin D from the sunlight, so take the opportunity to catch some rays (just don’t forget your sunscreen).

Taking a midday walk not only gives you the chance to squeeze some gentle exercise into your day, it helps you clear your mind and pick up your mood before heading back to the office.

Clear your mind

Having a lot going on upstairs can really impact your health (both mental and physical). Relaxation and balance is vital for a healthy lifestyle, and that means working through any issues you might have.

Practicing meditation can be really helpful, as can regular journaling. Both give you the chance to shake off your worries and be mindful of the things you concern yourself with.

Stand tall

Poor posture can lead to some pretty severe health issues as you age. Sitting at a desk, slouching as you drive and carrying heavy bags can all have an impact (and not in a good way).

Let’s face it, we’re all guilty of at least one of those, on a regular basis. But how can you fix it before it’s too late?

This article offers 17 tips to help you get that perfect posture back.

Have a digital detox
This step goes hand in hand with “clear your mind”. Having your smart phone in hand 24/7 stops you from ever truly having a break, and that’s not healthy. You need time to step back from the information overload, and enjoy what’s going on around you. Take a chance to be grateful – enjoy a meal with friends, go for a run, or unwind in a bubble bath. Trust me, you’ll feel a lot better than if you spend that time checking your emails (again).

Get active in short bursts
We love HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts here at 38N. Rather than having to make time for a full gym session or a 10 mile run, try one of these 30 minute full-body circuits.

The results are pretty striking, with increased cardiovascular fitness, weight-loss and toning (not to mention the adrenaline rush).

A lack of sleep, or a night of disturbed sleep, can have you feeling down like nothing else. It makes you grouchy, it impacts your concentration, and it stops you from enjoying just about anything.

We all need different amounts of sleep (and that changes as we age), but there’s a lot we can do to make sure those precious hours are sacred. Read more about it here.

And We’re Off…

The 38ºN 2016 season is off to a flying start with the succesful completion of our UK Easter retreat at the gorgeous Spread Eagle Spa Hotel in the South Downs.

It was great to see so many familiar faces, along with some new faces from clients and the training team. 3 nights and 4 days of training and spa time translated into plenty of smiles and plenty of high tempo action.

We kick started with a double fitness test in the medieval banqueting hall, followed by circuits and our 4×4 Tabata drills – all before lunch…

Through the weekend we blasted through amrep circuits, half ton circuits, Insanity workouts, core conditionng, kickboxing, power ballet, runs, a hike (thankfully dodging the rain) and of course, massages.

On Easter Sunday our own 38ºN spin on an Easter Egg hunt drew comparisons with the Hunger Games, it’s fair to say everyone earned their chocolate. A new first as well, we’ve never seen anyone eat a Creme Egg while powering through their final set of squat jumps…

The food (and gin!) was exceptional and we even had our own ghostly goings on (well the Spread Eagle is the oldest surviving coaching inn in the country).

Everyone left feeling fitter, and set up to continue the good work with a coaching call to follow.

It was a great way to start 2016, and we kick off in Ibiza next Sunday with our first Optimal Fitness of the season. We’ve also got our female only (and female trainer led) Body:ReSet, DNA Fitness, Juice Cleanse retreats and more, plus there’s our May Luxe retreat at Verdudra in Sicily.

It’s going to be a busy summer, we hope to see you soon for some serious training and serious fun.