Time To Get Your Sweat On – Looking After Your Relationship

Exercise and decent nutrition can be game changer in a relationship.

💥OK so this is a little controversial…..💥



When we first get together with someone, we want to be our best. We make an effort.

🤯 As time goes by, life sh*t gets in the way. We have stressful jobs, family lives, financial concerns.

It’s totally understandable that looking after ourselves goes on the back burner.

🖤 But here’s something to consider. Not only is it not great for you, but it’s not great for your relationship.

Or how your partner sees you.

Yes I told you this this is controversial.

After all – your partner should love you and fancy you no matter what. And of course that’s true. It most definitely shouldn’t be a deal breaker (and there may be reasons you can’t exercise due to illness etc)

🗣 BUT I’m talking to people that are healthy and able. But choose to do NOTHING to change their circumstance.

You may not like what I have to say, but is it possible that you’re hiding from the plain, hard, cold truth that it’s simply not attractive when someone gives up on themselves?

🔺 Imagine this. Subject A. You berate yourself in the mirror. You call yourself fat all the time. You have zero energy. You don’t want to have sex because you hate getting undressed in front of your partner (and yes this entire post applies to BOTH men and women).

You complain about being unwell and overweight but you sit there every night stuffing your face with a take away in front of the TV (and you take the car everywhere)

🔺 Now….subject B.
Same situation. But B finds the courage to reach out and seek help. You begin getting up 20 minutes earlier three times a week to exercise. You take a packed lunch to work instead of eating in the canteen. You make a stand and quit the excuses.

⭐️ A stays stuck. B develops new habits.

⭐️ A’s confidence dwindles. B’s expands.

With this in mind, can we see how the self love and discipline that comes with B’s approach might begin to positively affect their relationship (and many other areas of their life…?)

⚡️It’s empowering. Sexy. In control.⚡️

And we don’t think there’s a decent relationship out there that wouldn’t benefit from a bit of that stuff.

Better still. Start moving your asses together. Make it a shared interest. Release some feel good endorphins. Show each other you think you’re worth it.

It’s not too late. You’re not too old. And you haven’t been together too long to change.

Much love,
Claire xx
(and James of course!)

PS: James and I have seen the positive effects first hand. Time and again lovely couples come to our retreats and we see them transform in front of our eyes.

They see each other in a new light. Stronger, fitter and more determined. Going outside their comfort zone in a way the other one didn’t think was possible.

If you’re interested and want to take the bull by the horns(!), we have spaces available on our March retreat (7-10).

We’d love to see you there.


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