The Midlife Method

The Midlife Method: How to lose weight and feel great after 40 by Sam Rice is a new diet book aimed at midlifers.

We haven’t managed to grab a copy yet but we’re flattered the publishing house named the approach after our Midlife Method transformational programme.

However, those of you that know us will know that diet is only a part of the weight loss solution, and in fact, not the most important part.

Good eating needs to be combined with movement to create not only a healthy calorie deficit to aid fat loss. Note, fat, not weight – we actually want to add muscle at midlife to offset the natural physiological changes of ageing.

This needs to be supported with a change in habits, beliefs and mindset to make this a true lifestyle change that is sustainable.

Meaning you can lose the fat, AND keep it off, without spending hours exercising, pinging from diet to diet or making big sacrifices.

This is exactly what we coach on our 8 week Midlife Method 8 week programme which is also gives you accountability and support via a private group and regular group calls.

To hear about the fantastic results it’s got for our clients read and watch what they’re saying here:

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What’s Your 2021 Goal?

Winter Solstice means we’ve now moved into lengthening days as we begin the journey towards summer.

Claire Davis and I celebrate this as our New Year and take stock of the year gone and set intentions and goals for the year ahead.

It’s hard to find all the words to describe 2020. While there have been challenges there have also been great upsides if we look for them.

While it would be very easy to focus on all of the negatives, as so many memes and social media posts will have you do, here’s our wish for you.

We hope that this year has taught you more about yourself than ever before.

That you learned about your strength & resilience and that you hold onto those things for the rest of your life.

We hope you’ve learned how resourceful you are and that you now have a new level of trust in yourself that you can figure ANYTHING out.

That you’re going to be ok.

That you can handle anything.

What would make 2021 special for you?