New NHS Health Survey – The Shocking Truth

80% of women and 87% of men in England aged 40-60 are OVERWEIGHT, DRINK TOO MUCH and get TOO LITTLE EXERCISE. Key findings of a survey carried out by the NHS – released earlier this week, called One You.

Pretty sobering right?! AND….we have the highest levels of obesity in Western Europe – trebling in the last 30 years. Half the population could be obese by 2050 given current estimations……

If you’re one of the 2 in 10 that the NHS considers healthy – congratulations! It’s an amazing achievement.

If you’re one of the 8 in 10 struggling with diet, exercise and alcohol…clearly you’re not alone.

But knowing you’re not alone can often lead to apathy. Are you someone that knows you should exercise more, get your diet cleaned up, stop the bottle of wine a night? But you don’t. And are we right in thinking it leads to a level of self-loathing?

So – we want you to take this question seriously.

What are you going to do differently so that you’re not out of breath walking up the stairs, so you can get in that wedding dress this summer? So you don’t feel embarrassed walking into a party?

No…it’s not a crash diet or liposuction?! It’s about changing what you DO and THINK. This time of year is PERFECT FOR TRANSFORMATION. You do have time, you do have the energy, you do have the willpower.

Not honouring and respecting your body leads to depression, illness and a short life. That’s the hard truth right there. So get yourself into that small percentage of people – kick out the excuses, clean up your life and feel PROUD.

Here’s THREE STEPS to getting started:

1. Accept where you are. Go check out the excellent NHS One You website where you can not only take a fun quiz assessing your current health levels, but find loads of useful information on managing your diet, smoking, drinking, sleep, stress and exercise.

2. Make ONE key fitness and health goal. Write it down. Get detailed – a goal without a plan is pointless!

3. Commit. When, where and how are you going to make this happen? Tell a buddy who can keep you accountable.

Our long weekend fitness retreats (UK and Marbella) are designed to give you the ultimate kickstart you need. We not only train you, but talk you through habits, goal setting, motivation and nutrition. You get access to TWO experienced coaches who’ve helped hundreds of people transform their body and mind. We not only get you leaner and lighter, but educate you so you’re confident and full of energy to sustain a new way of living.

If you think this is something you could do with – drop us an email at

Oh and we’d love to hear your thoughts on the survey ☺

Have a happy, healthy day.


Pic: @captain_potter


Body:Fit UK @ Lifehouse Hotel & Spa


Fitness retreats can sometimes conjure up images of bootcamps, burpees and brash Personal Trainers. If you’ve ever wondered what really goes down at a 38N break, here’s what we got up to at our UK long weekend…..



Friday afternoon, Claire and I meet our clients to go through the schedule again and motivate them to get as involved as possible. Then it was straight into Nutrition 101 – our 38ºN take on the nuts and bolts of healthy eating. They say the body of your dreams is 70% nutrition and 30% training – so it’s essential to include it in our program.

After ‘chewing’ over the facts, we hit the outdoor bootcamp pen for the fitness test – our chance to see clients move and assess overall fitness levels – reminding them they’re only in competition with themselves!  Sweaty but smiling, clients refreshed themselves and headed of for a mindfulness session to settle everyone before dinner. The food at Lifehouse is amazing and clients get to chose either a healthy or indulgent menu: and we don’t judge!



whatsapp-image-2016-12-06-at-17-50-54Hot water and lemon is delivered to clients’ rooms early doors – then it was into the studio for some short, sharp fasted cardio. Ideal for boosting the metabolism. From there we chowed down on some amazing brekkie and moved into a motivational and goal setting workshop. It’s critical to get the mind and body working together, so with Claire’s background as a corporate coach, the session really hit the spot. As Tony Robbins says…. “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

After sharpening the mind, it was time to sharpen the reflexes with a boxing session! Plenty of punches later and we broke for a delicious and nutritious protein smoothie before heading back into the ‘pen’ for some functional fitness: we’re talking tractor tires, battle ropes, kettlebells, plyometric boxes, agility ladders and loads more for tough full body workout.  After a yummy buffet lunch it was back into the studio for a core workout, followed by a spinning class taken by Claire. The playlist and energy in the room ensured everyone had fun while they worked! We finished the day with restorative yoga with time to hit the spa before din dins!


Water and lemon again – followed by fasted HIIT. Post-breakfast (with a big enough break for digestion), it was time for Insanity! With everyone sweaty and warm(!) it was outside into the stunning countryside for a run and a circuit of the trim trail: dips, monkey bars, jumps, scramble nets and more before finishing with a run through the landscaped hotel grounds. It certainly blew any cobwebs away!

whatsapp-image-2016-12-06-at-17-51-28 whatsapp-image-2016-12-06-at-17-51-29

Back indoors for a protein smoothie before we split into two groups for a final hoorah: a choice of spinning or functional HIIT in the outdoor pen. Time for a shower before a well earned (and delish) Sunday Roast with all the trimmings (healthy options also available 🙂 )

The guys and gals truly smashed it and we were honoured to train them! We love what we do and love it when clients love what we do too!

How best to sum it up? We’ll leave that to one of our clients: “What a fantastic experience. Absolutely loved it from start to finish. I was so sad on the way home because I didn’t want it to end. Thank you so much Claire and James – you’re awesome.”




Fancy beating the post Christmas bloat and blasting body fat? Then join us for our next one in January at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel
13th – 15th January 2017
£499 pp sharing £599 single.

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Easter is nearly here…

What wil the Easter Bunny be bringing you? For our Easter retreat guests at The Spread Eagles, there might be some eggs, but they’re going to have to work for them!

We’ve carted a huge duffle of training equipment from Ibiza to the South Downs, and with more kit being delivered not only are the usual sessions but some great new fitness toys to play with…

Members of the team are heading down their Thursday morning to make the final arrangements, run some routes, look for good egg hiding spots, and possibly indulge a little bit in the spa and bar.

We’ve got a great mix of exercise protocols and activities, 3 instructors, a yogi, spa treatments, delicious fresh seasonal food, suits of armour and roaring log fires. To say we’re getting excited is an undestatement.

Come rain or shine we’re prepared with an indoor training space to fall back on, and of course those all important open fires.

Right, putting the finishing touches to our Easter Egg Challenge…