The Ultimate Date?!

Yes – it’s the day of LOVE. But a Partner Workout can be with anyone that motivates your ass to MOVE!

So why work out with someone?

Research has shown that we tend to work out harder with someone as you feel encouraged, inspired and accountable (there’s nothing worse than letting someone down is there?!). Plus you’ll laugh a lot more than you would on your own!

At least once a week for our “fun” workout, Claire and I will do something together – be that a HIIT treadmill run next to each other, or another form of HIIT like Tabatas, a MetCon, Max Interval or Tonne Up (if you’re not sure on any of these, watch our videos on our website where we explain these or visit one of our retreats!)

Here are two others we love – so grab your partner and give it a go!

Song Smash

All you need is a playlist, a speaker, some basic equipment (a kettebell, a battle rope and a mat is fine) or just bodyweight, and a white board and you’re away…

It’s a variation on AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) but with you’re own party playlist. Select 3 to 8 songs (depending on how long you want to work out for), put them in a playlist, then it’s gonna work like this:

On a whiteboard write out pairs of exercises and numbers of reps per song. For example Song 1 might be Squat Jumps X 20 and Kettlebell Swings x 20. Then another might be Burpees x 20 and Football Shuffle x 20. Write all pairings up on the board.

Now you’ve each chosen songs – you will pick one pairing. Press play and off you go – keep performing the reps of each pair of exercises for as long as Song 1 is playing. Next song, move onto the next pairing.

Controller Circuit

Again, pair two exercises, one of those is the “controller’ – it dictates how long and how hard you work for. For example, 100 rope slams while the other person is smashing out burpees. How much you like your partner might influence how fast/hard you work or how much you slow it up to see them suffer… Remember though, you swap over after one round.

For a decent workout get at least 5 pairs of exercises (1. sprints (10) while the other does press ups 2. lunge jumps (20) while the other does crunches etc). Swap over quickly on the same round, then take a rest between pairings for the HIIT effect.

You’ll find you’ll work a lot harder when you’re working for someone else, so it’s a great way to motivate yourself and your workout buddy.

So if you’re wondering what to do for THE date night tonight – why not try this out?! A dash of endorphins, a pinch of protein shake and a whopper of a metabolic spike.

And yes…..Claire is a lucky, lucky lady!