A Ritual A Day Keeps Negativity At Bay!

As winter’s rolled around we’ve had more time to rethink some aspects of our lives and our training and we’d love to share our experience of rituals with you. Those of you that have attended Claire’s goal setting and motivation workshop will know that she strongly advocates rituals to help form habits and keep you on track.

When we think of rituals we can often mistake them for habits. Habits are the things we do almost always unconsciously – like pre-packing our gym bag in the evening so we’re ready to rock a workout in the morning, through to cleaning our teeth and eating that chocolate biscuit after every lunchtime meal!

Rituals however are the things we do more consciously do to keep us on track. Rituals that one day, if we persist, will become incredibly life enhancing habits, that you don’t have to consciously think about. They just exist. They’re part of your lifestyle.

Let’s look at habits again first though. We’re a bundle of habitual behaviours. Where you stand waiting for the tube door to open, the order you do your exercises, the way you make a cup of tea or coffee, the route you walk to walk, the things you say to a friend when you first pick up the phone. Some habits are wonderfully part of our personality. Yet some can seriously derail us from our goals if you’re not aware of them and have no strategy to change them. That’s where Rituals can help shift things up a huge gear.

Right now though, I’d like you to grab a piece of paper and write down which habits you’d like to change (which ones you feel aren’t in your best interest). These are the habits we’re going to change (over time) by installing new Rituals.

Perfect – now on a new piece of paper write down how you would like to feel throughout your day. Would you like to feel more grateful, have more energy, feel proud because you went for the workout, be kind and generous to others and also loving towards yourself? This is important – because it makes you aware and laser focussed on what needs to be changed. You don’t like the way the old habits make you feel and live your life, but you’ve identified how you would like to feel in the future.

I’ll give you an example – Claire and I slipped into the habit of waking up, grabbing phones and checking emails and social media. This is not good – for our mind, body or soul. It’s not helpful for connecting to the person you love. Just after sleep your mind is still open and the subconscious hasn’t become conscious. It’s the PERFECT time to move old habits out the way by bombarding them with new, positive and upbeat Rituals!

So we decided to do the following:
– Leave phones alone
– Make coffee (well that’s always me!)
– Over coffee visualise your perfect day, your perfect week, your perfect month, your perfcet six months
– Write down 10 things we’re grateful for
– Lastly create an intention – such as (for us) it’s “I will transform as many lives as possible through helping people become healthier, happier and more confident”

There – simple Rutuals that will take about 10 minutes and we absolute swear by the results. It’s changed and shifted so much for us in just 15 days of doing this already. The bi-product is also that your not so helpful habits will begin to move into line with the Ritual’s way of thinking. Your subconscious mind will want to skip the workout, but the conscious mind is aware that there’s a new Boss In Town – called Rightful Ritual…and he/ she has a much grander vision of your life in mind.

Try it – we would LOVE to hear your thoughts.