The Midlife Reset

8 Weeks to Drop the stubborn pounds, step into your poreclaim confidence and live your best life, without massive sacrifices

8 Weeks to Lose Belly Fat, Feel Good Naked & Regain Control!

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A Science Backed Approach To Staying Young

Have you gained weight and lost confidence?

Do you feel stuck and worry that the best years of your life are behind you?

Is your physical health and quality of life suffering?


Join The Midlife Reset 8 week programme with Claire & James Davis who help midlifers lose the stubborn pounds, feel comfortable in their own skin and regain control of their lives – without making huge sacrifices.

We run cohorts for the programme so that you’re in a supporting community and the next intake starts on January 22nd. If you’d like to be considered for a place please drop us an email using the contact form or book your free call and let’s connect.

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This science based approach to exercise optimises muscle and bone strength, cardiovascular health, endurance and a leaner physique. Short, effective and designed specifically for the mid life body with optimised recovery for results.


Sensible, sustainable nutrition that allows flexibility, balance (and alcohol!). No short term fads – just empowering you with simple steps to nourish your mid life body from the inside out and make sustainable changes for life.​

Hormones & Metabolism

As we age our hormones change. Exercise, nutrition & lifestyle should be adapted to ensure we stay mentally and physically fit for life. This means learning to work in line with our hormones, not against them for sustainable success.

Success Mindset

Stress & anxiety is incredibly detrimental to physical health. Utilising our backgrounds in NLP and Psychology you’ll learn practical mindset tools to implement for sustained success.

Emotional Wellbeing

The body responds to our thoughts. Feed it well and it responds with vitality and energy. We provide techniques to build positivity, gratitude and joy so you can truly celebrate mid life.


Accountability is what turbo charges your success. When we are accountable to someone you are far more likely to succeed. Be supported via our app, private groups & your own tracking tools.

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" I cannot tell you how much of it resonates with me. I feel energise and super happy. I am fitter and stronger at 50 than I have ever been. I’m not left feeling lazy, inadequate or scolded but motivated to improve my world."
DL Jackson

The Midlife Reset

Claire & James Davis are a mid life, award winning duo and owners of world renowned fitness brand 38 Degrees North and creators of the phenomenally successful, five star rated ‘The Midlife Mentors’ podcast.

The Midlife Reset has been developed over the past 12 years – backed by years of research, experience and client transformations – that’s had a profound and lasting impact on the lives it’s touched.

The science based method promises strength and resilience in body, mind and emotional wellbeing– giving clients the ultimate step by step toolkit for sustainable results.

The Midlife Method programme helps clients shed the belly fat, regain control, reduce stress and dramatically improve their quality of life, without making big sacrifices.

Claire & James continue to be a force of truth and integrity in the health and wellness industry – demystifying the fads, fake promises and pseudo science that plague our news feeds.

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the midlife RESET programme

Join our 8 week online coaching program, The Midlife Reset.

Lose Belly Fat, Feel Good Naked & Regain Control Of Your Life.

Join the Midlife Method

Here's what you'll get:

We’ll help you discover how to have a social life, enjoy the foods you like and have the occasional drink but still have a body to be proud of.

Most of us are being ruled by our powerful subconscious mind. Discover how to break the cycle of those bad habits and how to build new healthier habits one step at a time.

Not everyone has access to the gym, or wants to go. We’ll provide you with a bespoke exercise program that blends short HIIT sessions with resistance to gets results around your lifestyle.

We’ll design a personalised workout programme around your lifestyle, time and equipment to get you results.

You’ll have our app with your schedule, all your coaching content, resources, workshops, workouts, your own tracking, food diary – like having us in your pocket.

You’ll have access to the private Facebook community where you can be supported, plus there are group calls every other week to keep you accountable.

The Premium Programme option gives you the opportunity to work with James and Claire more closely for greater flexibility and accountabilty.

Benefits include weekly check ins, plus a BESPOKE exercise program (home or gym) that can be tailored as you progress.

This extra layer of accountability helps clients stay on track and boost their results.

If you still have questions check our FAQs HERE

You can read more about The Midlife Reset HERE

the midlife reset programME

Join our 8 week online coaching programme, The Midlife Reset.

Lose Belly Fat, Feel Energised & Confident & Regain Control Of Your Life.

Join the Midlife Method

Discover how to truly nourish your midlife body for energy, vitality, health and happiness. Our approach empowers you with the knowledge you need to free yourself from years of dieting, unhealthy habits and the all or nothing approach. You’ll apply simple principles that create huge results. No restrictions. No sacrifices. Just balance and sustainabilty.

What holds us back is our mind. The reason we fail to get long term results is because we’re not addressing the internal, but just focussing on the external. You’ll discover how to break the cycle of limiting beliefs, self sabotage and lack of motivation, and be more YOU than you’ve ever been before.

The cookie cutter approach does not work at midlife. In fact it can cause more hard than good. What you need is a movement plan designed specifically for the midlife body, hormones and metabolism, based on science – so you get incredible, long lasting results. You can work out at home or the gym and we have solutions for absolute beginners through to intermediate levels. This is for everyone, wherever you’re starting from.

You’ll have our own app with your schedule all laid out for you. You don’t have to think, you just follow (and trust) the programme. All your content is in one place and on demand to fit into your lifestyle. It’s like having us, your very own coaches, in your pocket.

You’ll have access to the private Facebook community where you can be supported, plus there are group calls every week to keep you stay accountable, inspired and motivated. These calls are gold, because you have an opportunity to be coached on the spot by us, as we teach you our tools and techniques for long term body, mind and soul transformation.

Our science based approach takes the frustration and guesswork out of getting results, because it gives you the exact blueprint for long term success. Follow the process and just like hundreds of other clients, you’ll reap the rewards.

If you still have questions check our FAQs HERE

You can read more about The Midlife Reset HERE

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