Lose body fat, increase confidence, wake up feeling energised – and finally feel like YOU again…

Lose body fat, increase confidence, wake up feeling energised – and finally feel like YOU again…

This is for you if:

You're sick and tired of battling with food and counting calories.

You find yourself hiding your body from your partner and avoid intimacy.

You say terrible things to yourself when you look in the mirror.

You realise you're not being your best for those you love.

You stay 'good' during the week and let it fall apart at the weekends.

You get temporary relief from wine or snacks, but then beat yourself up.

You've almost lost faith in yourself - but know something's GOT to change.

Finally - you know deep inside there's more than this...but can't seem to find the motivation to make a start

If this resonates, we want you to know – you’re not alone.

So many people struggle with all the above and more in their 40s and 50s and feel like they’re in a constant fight with their own body.

Please trust us when we say – it doesn’t have to be this way…

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What You'll Learn during The Weekly Modules

Week One:

Hormone Overview and the impact of movement & nutrition
Workout Plan
Nutritional Guidance
Psychology Workshop: Motivation & Consistency

Week TWO:

Gut Health & Metabolism
Fasting, Macros & Meal Timings
Eating & Drinking for better gut health
Psychology Workshop:

Week three:

Stress, Sleep & Hormones
Sleep Tips
Stress – Science & Tips
Stress management Tools
Guided Visualisation
Psychology Workshop: The Power Of Setting A Vision


Endocrine disrupting foods to avoid Supplements to consider 2 x Guided visualisations Private community support Extra pre recorded Q&A
The 21 Day Programme will help you:

Kickstart REAL results and tackle the "little time, but want change fast" problem that many midlife men and women face.

Feel more confident, in control, empowered and sexy.

Build a sustainable, easy to follow routine that doesn't mean massive sacrifices and super charges fat loss, mood, energy levels and confidence.

Ditch the yo-yo dieting and get your cravings under control.

Regain control over stress with easy to implement tools.

Feel supported, motivated and accountable - which is THE key component of success.

Move through self sabotage and unhelpful habits so you're free to live an extraordinary life!

Build an unstoppable mindset - where you have total confidence that you've got what it takes to maintain momentum.

The Course
Here’s what’s included:

Two Workshops A Week

Once a week you'll have 2 pre recorded workshops - each on different topics and building on one another. These will empower you with knowledge and tools to build a healthy, sustainable routine into your life - in line with hormones

Exercise and Activity Program

We'll provide you with a scheduled exercise programme that blends short HIIT sessions with resistance to get you results - based on science and designed for the midlife body! These are for EVERY level and does not require equipment.

Nutrition Guidelines

You'll be given detailed coaching on nutrition and gut health so you gain confidence on how to eat for fat loss and increased energy AND know how to sustain it.

Private Community

You'll have access to the private Facebook community where you can be inspired, motivated and stay accountable.

On Demand Content In Your Membership Portal

All content is hosted inside your membership portal, on demand - so you can start at any time and go back to it over and again - along with other resources. You have 3 months access.


Want to know about supplements to support your journey? How about some mindset tools to help with stress? These are just some of the extra bonuses we'll share with you.

what's included:

Weekly Workshops (6 in total)

Pre recorded coaching calls with Claire & James - covering various hormone related topics and mindset.

Workouts & Nutrition Guidance

Access to a programme of HIITs and Resistance workouts, as well as nutrition guidance.

Private Facebook Support Group

An intimate community of like minded souls, collaborating, supporting and sharing the journey.

3 Month Access To Private Portal

You will have continued access to your private portal for 3 months - so you can go back to it at any time.


We'll be including a number of bonuses including information about endocrine disrupting foods, supplements & an extra LIVE Q&A.

Monthly Live Q&A

Every month, you'll have the opportunity to join Claire & James for a LIVE Q&A & coaching session via Zoom

Don't take our word for it...

The skills and the knowledge is the best possible gift you could give yourself and the best investment you could make in your future. It's far more enjoyable when you have people like James and Claire cheering you on and keeping you accountable.
Programmes like this should be a necessity for midlifers, as school is for children. This is a realtime masterclass on how to thrive at midlife and beyond. I've let go of unhelpful habits and created a new way of living that is energizing and makes me feel happier. And I lost 10cm off my waist in 8 weeks!
I am feeling better than I have in a decade. I've become ME again and I've gone from feeling sad and hopeless to having a whole new lease on life. I've got an exercise routine into my busy lifestyle, I'm eating good food that gives me energy and I feel free.

in our own words...

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